Mark Wahlberg couldn't be more perfect for the role of Chris Cole, "Rock Star's" head-bangin' hair band wannabe whose singular ambition in life is to be e-x-a-c-t-l-y like the shirtless, leather-clad, pelvis-thrusting, high note-shrieking lead singer of the heavy metal band Steel Dragon.

He looks absolutely vintage, sporting metalhead tresses and screwing up his face in imitation sneers. He revels in Cole's absurdly passionate perfectionism in fronting a Steel Dragon "tribute band" and embraces Cole's humorously inconsequential real life as an on-call Xerox technician who still lives with his parents.

He belts out the tunes of the fictitious Steel Dragon with amazing range and the earnestness of an insanely zealous fan -- so much so that while in the front row at a Steel Dragon concert he rather unnerves his hero by loudly singing along with more gusto than the man himself can muster.

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