The Voice finally has its winner, but that’s not all that happened during the tense season finale. The last show featured performances by stars like Pitbull, Bruno Mars and Christina Aguilera, who will return to the judging panel next season, as well as a surprise performance by Cher – a rare event these days. But, of course, it wasn’t the main event. What everyone wants to know is who won. So, if you want to find out as well, keep reading ahead. Just in case that wasn’t clear enough, massive spoiler warning ahead. The big winner was, somewhat unsurprisingly, a member of team Blake Shelton. It was Danielle Bradbury, who beat out all other contestants for the top spot. Team Usher, represented by Michelle Chamuel came in second in the running, while the Swon Brothers, Zack and Colton, again mentored by Shelton, took third.

Bradbery, who is only 16, couldn’t contain her excitement after the show, commenting backstage:“I’m so thankful. I’m sorry, I’m speechless.”

Shelton, who coached two of the big-winning acts, had plenty of reasons to celebrate last night, as not only did his team represent (that’s what kids say these days, right?) but he also got to celebrate his 37th birthday on air. And he even got serenaded with Happy Birthday by the audience before the show went live, People reports. That bit wasn’t broadcast, presumably because the burden of copyright still hangs over the Happy Birthday song.

Throughout the show, Shelton took time to praise the talent pool for this past season. On Monday, Michelle Bradberry, who would go on to win the format, revealed her plans for the future to People magazine: "I feel like I could start off making a single. I could start off really small, but then eventually get bigger."

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Shelton and Usher were the show's 
proudest mentors.