Blake Shelton's country roots keeps him grounded.

The singer is a mentor on 'The Voice' in the US, which is filmed in Los Angeles, but he hops on a plane back to Johnston County, Oklahoma, as soon as he has a break from filming because he desperately misses the outdoor lifestyle.

He told the Men's Journal: ''As soon as we're done on Wednesdays, my ass is on the plane. I get in my truck, I see the fields, see the cows.''

The 37-year-old country singer has equally low-key requirements when it comes to planning ''hot dates'' with his wife, Miranda Lambert, 29.

Describing his ideal evening, Blake said: ''Throwing a cooler in the back of the pickup and driving around the property clearing brush and singing to the radio.

''Or else having dinner at the all-you-can-eat rib buffet and dessert at Dairy Queen. When we get home, we like to be home.''

The 'Boys' Round Here' singer insists he will never be turned by Hollywood and refuses to buy a house there, despite spending six months of the year in California.

Blake added: ''There's something about owning a house here that makes it official.''