Fashionistas and Gossip Girl fans alike were up-in-arms this week after seeing photographs of Blake Lively out and about in New York. The actress has kept an extremely low-profile since marrying Ryan Reynolds last year, though fashion critics were hardly enamoured with her 'comeback outfit' this week.

Looking perhaps her most subdued ever, Lively opted for comfort over style and donned an oversized cream sweater, with a simple khaki trench and pretty boring looking brown leggings. Two-toned brown boots finished off the one-colour look. E! Online said, "Her usually voluptuous hair even seemed to be lacking a bit of its sparkle," asking fans, "What exactly is going on here?!" Perhaps the new Mrs Ryan Reynolds is just taking the whole marriage thing seriously - as she should be - and she's certainly emptied her filming schedule for the coming year at least. The Opposing Views website has a different take on Lively's rather bleugh outfit, suggesting that she may well be pregnant.  "Personally, I say yes. Going on looks alone, she could easily be hiding a bump under that coat and oversized sweater," reads the article. 

If Blake's not pregnant, she most definitely has babies on the brain. "Oh, my gosh!  I just want Beyoncé to be the mother of my children," she told E! News at the launch of Gucci Premiere fragrance in New York on Monday. "She was amazing!  I can't, I can't even. I don't even have words for her."

Ryan Reynolds, Arriving At LAXRyan Reynolds Arrives Seperately To Wife Blake Lively At LAX Airport