The Gossip Girl actress appears alongside Ford in upcoming romance film The Age of Adaline, and she struggled to keep her cool when working with the Star Wars actor because she was awestruck by his decision to commute to work in his own aircraft during filming last year (14).

She tells Britain's You magazine, "I made the mistake of watching all of the Indiana Jones movies for the first time before working with Harrison Ford. So I was very geeked out by Dr Jones when he arrived on the set. It was incredibly exciting working with Harrison: he's such an icon. Standing in front of him is pretty intimidating, especially when he comes to work in a helicopter he pilots himself. He's rescued people in that helicopter. He puts it to use a lot and he is a real-life hero."

Lively made the comments before her co-star was hospitalised in March (15) after making an emergency crash landing on a California golf course when the plane he was flying developed a fault. He is still recovering from surgery on his broken pelvis and ankle.