Blake Lively is enjoying being ''on a break''.

The 25-year-old actress saw her long-running TV show 'Gossip Girl' - in which she played Serena van der Woodsen - come to an end last November and has been making the most of having no commitments or schedule to stick to.

She said: ''At the moment I'm on a break. I finished filming 'Gossip Girl' in November, which felt like being in college but for six years. Being able to sleep in and not worry about going to work tomorrow is so liberating.''

Blake's lazy attitude even stems to her social life, as she revealed a recent visit from her pal Florence Welch led to them spending most of the day in bed.

She admitted: ''When we're together we never leave the house. When she came to visit me in New York I made brunch and then all we did all day was lie in bed and giggle, try on my clothes, listen to music, dance and play dress-up, like a couple of little girls at a tea party.''

The American actress - who is married to Ryan Reynolds - is a big fan of the UK and has particularly fond memories of being ''kidnapped'' and taken to London by her older brother when she was 15.

She recalled to ES magazine: ''My older brother basically kidnapped me one Christmas break when I was 15 and took me to London. We stayed with his friends who escorted us all over the place. It was an incredible experience. We also went to Oxford for a day because I'm a huge 'Harry Potter' fan and wanted to see where it had been filmed.''