Blake Lively, former Gossip Girl actress and wife of Ryan Reynolds, has a figure women worldwide would - and do- pay money for. Yet the 26-year-old actress has an unusual secret for acquiring her figure: to shun the gym and eat chocolate!

Blake Lively
Blake Lively eats chocolate everyday.

Lively appears in November's edition of Vogue Paris which asked her a number of questions on her lifestyle and her signing with L'Oreal Paris. 

Her comments on her diet have had writers across the globe sulkily reporting on her good fortune. Lively starts her day with a cup of hot chocolate and ends her day with a few squares of dark chocolate. Yet this is not entirely a recommended diet as Lively is "lucky" enough to "have an active lifestyle" meaning she's "always on the go." As such she said "I don't need to have a (trainer) or pay attention to what I eat." She claimed that her daily chocolate consumption makes her happy and is good for morale! 

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively
Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have been married since 2012.

The Green Lantern actress also discussed how she relieves stress. Lively said she listens to music, and has something of an eclectic taste. She enjoys listening to Billie Holiday, Josephine Baker and Chuck Berry. 

Lively has recently become the face of L'Oreal Paris and discussed her recent position in Vogue Paris. She claimed she was "honoured" to join the "prestigious brand," especially as she is joining such women as Jane Fonda and Julianne Moore. Lively described such women, who have also represented L'Oreal Paris, as not only "beautiful," but talented and outspoken. She stated "It's magical for me to say I am now part of the club!"

Blake Lively
Lively is the face of L'Oreal Paris.