The Blair Witch Project star Heather Donahue is hoping to turn her medical marijuana business into a quirky new TV drama.
The actress quit showbusiness to grow marijuana legally in California and she has just written a book, called Grow Girl, about her experiences as a farmer.
The publicity has sparked fresh interest in Donahue and now she's hoping to return to Hollywood as the writer/producer of a new series.
She tells, "I would very much like to develop Grow Girl into a television series... As a matter of fact it's something that I am working on right now. I will not be in front of the camera but I'm creating the series.
"It's a little bit Northern Exposure, a little bit Little House on the Prairie - but naked with hot tubs! It's sexy, a little bit illicit... and also wholesome. There is such a wonderful set of characters and so many stories to be told."
The characters will feature her ex-boyfriend Judah and his daughter Sprout, Zeus and Sadora - the royal power couple of the community - and their son Syrah, Willa, the waitress at the Eggloo, who is not a grower but is an occasional trimmer, and my wonderful dog Vito and my former tortoise Booga."
And Donahue is convinced the time is right for a good mainstream pot-growing series: "My friend, who is a wonderful writer actually, sold a pot lady buddy comedy to Natalie Portman's company called Best Buds."