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Blair Witch Project Producer Files For Bankruptcy

The producer behind The Blair Witch Project has filed for bankruptcy after racking up debts of more than $130,000 (£81,250).Kevin J. Foxe has just $900 (£562) worth of assets to his name, according to a...

Blair Witch Star Hoping To Turn Pot-growing Story Into Tv Series

The Blair Witch Project star Heather Donahue is hoping to turn her medical marijuana business into a quirky new TV drama.The actress quit showbusiness to grow marijuana legally in California and she has just written...

The Blair Witch Project Star Donahue Turns Pot Grower

The Blair Witch Project star Heather Donahue is set to open up about her new life as a marijuana gardening specialist in her upcoming memoir.Student filmmaker Donahue shot to stardom as the lead character in...

Movie Reviews Apollo 18

Apollo 18 is sort of a Blair Witch Project on the moon. Critics didn't much care for Blair Witch Project , either, giving it barely a passing grade. That's mostly the case with the moon...

Box Office Will Labor To Break Summer Record

For the box office, the Labor Day weekend is traditionally the bleakest holiday of the year, and this year is not likely to become an exception. (It also marks the official end of the summer...

Blair Witch Project Director To Hunt For Bigfoot

The moviemaker who captivated the world with the Blair Witch Project is now on the hunt for Bigfoot.Director Eduardo Sanchez has been hired by Haxan Films executives to create a new movie about the mythical...

Ryan Gosling Fascinated By Love

Ryan Gosling is fascinated by relationships.The 30-year-old actor - who has most recently been romantically linked with his 'Blue Valentine' co-star Michelle Williams and previously dated actress Rachel McAdams - enjoys observing the things people...

Movie Budget Goes Form Paranormal To Normal

Paranormal Activity 2 , which is being released at midnight tonight, cost $3 million to produce versus $15,000 for the original, despite the fact that the sequel retains most of the look and feel of...

Movie Reviews The Last Exorcism

Compared with the no-budget likes of The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity , The Last Exorcism , which cost $2 million to make, is a spendthrift affair. For the most part, critics aren't impressed....

Blair Witch Sequel Planned

Seminal horror movie BLAIR WITCH PROJECT is set for a 10th anniversary sequel, with the original directors behind a new concept.The low-budget 1999 movie was an instant cult hit and now co-directors Ed Sanchez and...

Master P + Romeo Land Joint Movie Roles

Father and son rap duo MASTER P and ROMEO are teaming up to star in a movie inspired by THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. The pair, who both starred in Nickelodeon TV show Romeo, has been...

Third Helping Of Horror From Blair Witch?

The co-creator of the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT is planning to resurrect the horror franchise with either a prequel or a second sequel. The original film in 1999 cost just $22,000 (GBP11,000) to make and took...

Film-maker Optimistic About Blair Witch Prequel

Film-maker EDUARDO SANCHEZ hasn't ruled out the possibility of filming a prequel to his independent horror hit THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, even though studio bosses aren't currently interested. Sanchez and his fellow director DANIEL MYRICK...

Top 25 Sundance Films Named

FOUR WEDDINGS + A FUNERAL, CLERKS, SHINE, EL MARIACHI, IN THE BEDROOM, HOOP DREAMS and NAPOLEON DYNAMITE have been named among the most important 25 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL films as the annual event gets underway...

Blair Witch Cinematographer Killed Whilst Filming

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT cinematographer NEAL L FREDERICKS has been killed at the age of 35 while shooting his latest film. Fredericks was filming aerial shots for the independent movie CROSS BONES from...

Stars Of Blair Witch Project Feel Cursed

The three stars of low-budget horror movie THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT fear the cult film has cursed their careers - they're all struggling to find work. HEATHER DONAHUE, JOSHUE LEONARD and MICHAEL WILLIAMS felt...

Nicholson Bags Scariest Moment

JACK NICHOLSON's chilling cry of "Here's JOHNNY" as he axes his way through a door in 1980 film THE SHINING has been crowned the most terrifying moment in movie history. The scary scene in...

Exorcist Is Top Terror

Controversial 1973 horror film THE EXORCIST has been voted the top scary movie of all time in a poll of British video renters. The WILLIAM FRIEDKIN chiller, which stars LINDA BLAIR as possessed 12-year-old...

Eminem Movie Pulled From Store Shelves

Copies of a movie featuring EMINEM have been yanked from store shelves, after an alleged dispute about the video's cover. Urban horror spoof DA HIP HOP WITCH, a parody of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT,...

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