Blackstreet stars Teddy Riley and Chauncey Hannibal have taken legal action against their former bandmates over accusations they are using the R&B group's name without permission.
The singers are co-owners of the Blackstreet trademark and they are currently part of the latest incarnation of the band with Dave Hollister.
The pair has now filed a lawsuit against former members Mark Middleton and Eric Williams, who joined in 1996 but are no longer part of the group, claiming they have been illegally using the Blackstreet name to book their own shows.
The suit, filed in court in Virginia on 1 December (11), suggests Middleton and Williams have not adhered to several cease and desist letters ordering them to stop using the name.
The legal papers, obtained by, state, "Defendants have used the name and mark Blackstreet (sic) in such a manner as to create actual confusion and likelihood of confusion among prospective customers and/or purchasers of the services provided by plaintiffs. Defendants have harmed the goodwill of plaintiffs in the name and mark Blackstreet (sic), causing immediate and irreparable harm to plaintiffs."