Reunited Black Sabbath have joined the ranks of those rockers who oppose PRESIDENT George W Bush, after flashing footage of the American leader morphs into Adolf Hitler during their OZZFEST shows.

The British veterans, fronted by Ozzy Osbourne, are rolling the video during performances of their classic WAR PIGS.

The footage shows Bush and Hitler on the same screen, with the caption, "Same s**t, different a**hole."

The band also use the song to flash a photo of Bush wearing a clown nose, with the caption, 'The White House Circus'.

The strong images aren't popular with all members of the group - drummer Bill Ward has distanced himself from the images in a posting on his website.

He writes, "I wish to say this video structure does not represent my personal views towards President Bush. This video was made without my prior knowledge or consent."

22/07/2004 02:53