Black Market Serotonin's 'Deadbyfiveoclock' EP is an ambitious combination of a multiplicity of influences; a blend that experimentally fuses elements of alternative, progressive and post-rock with synth-led pop.

From a low fuzzy synth introduction, the EP's opening and title track, 'Deadbyfiveoclock', launches unexpectedly into a brief yet epic post-rock feel before Andrew Pimblott's gruff vocals power in. The track chops from the epic, atmospheric, post-rock feel of iLiKETRAiNS to a kind of edgy, punk-tinged vibe that brings to mind The Offspring. On the flipside of a ripping guitar solo, 'Deadbyfiveoclock' backs out to a more sedate breakdown that contrasts the charging fury, before Black Market Serotonin drive back in with a synth and guitar led instrumental. Right from the EP's opening track, it's clear that the Black Market Serotonin blend is one of much variety and tight, slick chopping and changing, stopping and starting.

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