The Black Eyed Peas are reportedly being sued for plagiarism.

The 'Boom Boom Pow' hitmakers are apparently facing legal action over their track 'Party All the Time' - which features on their latest album 'The E.N.D.' - because parts of the record have an uncanny resemblance to Adam Freeland's record 'Mancry'.

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton writes: "The music apparently is a stolen sample of the song 'Mancry' from the act Freeland.

"According to reports, Black Eyed Peas member and producer was at an event last year where Freeland performed this song in question."

The band have reportedly called in their legal team over the plagiarism accusation.

Last month, outspoken blogger Perez came to blows with the band - also consisting of, Taboo and Fergie - during an incident at Toronto's Cobra club on July 22.

Following the incident the group's tour manager Polo Molina was charged with assault against the 31-year-old writer.

Perez claims he was confronted by Polo and following an earlier altercation when Fergie blasted him over negative comments he had made about their music.

In a video blog entitled My Statement, a tearful Perez - real name Mario Lavandeira - said: " sees me and comes directly towards me like a heat-seeking missile. He was screaming in my face."

Further into the video, he added that Polo "from behind, clocks me in the eye and punches me two or three times".

The blogger admitted deliberately trying to antagonise the rapper by calling him a "f****t".

After handing himself in to police, Polo was charged and will appear in court on August 5.