Christian groups have slammed the remake of cult 1974 movie Black Christmas, because they find the horror movie "offensive". The Glen Morgan-directed film stars Oliver Hudson, KATIE CASSIDY, Lacey Chabert and Michelle Trachtenberg and centres on a group of US college students who battle a slasher over the Christmas holidays. The movie will be released on Christmas Day (25DEC06) in US cinemas, much to the horror of Christian groups. MATHEW STAVER, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, says, "To have a movie that emphasises murder and mayhem at Christmas, a time of celebration and joy around the world seems to be ill founded." JENNIFER GIROUX, co-founder of Operation Just Say Merry Christmas, adds, "The use of religious music SILENT NIGHT and the nativity set on the front porch in one scene are insensitive to Christians. "It's not enough to ignore and omit Christmas, but now it has to be offended, insulted and desecrated. Our most sacred holiday, actually a holy day, is being assaulted."