If it wasn't enough that people have been body shaming Blac Chyna over her pregnant figure, now people are commenting on details of her rider which have been made public. She's allegedly asking for caffeine drinks and champagne which, admittedly, sounds a little irresponsible at first glance considering her condition.

Blac ChynaBlac Chyna is criticised over hotel rider

Despite having a baby on the way, Blac Chyna is still getting on with work, hosting at the strip club Sin City Cabaret in the Bronx on Wednesday (May 18th 2016). However, her tour rider has apparently been made public, listing items that most soon-to-be mothers would steer clear from for the good of their - and the baby's - health.

TMZ claim to have obtained details of the rider demands for her hotel room which apparently include three Red Bulls, some Tylenol (pain medication), some Big Red gum and one bottle of champagne - specifically Moet Nectar Rose. But while media outlets are quick to wag their fingers at the socialite, it's worth noting that she's usually accompanied by fiance Rob Kardashian, who has no reason to avoid such luxuries.

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Chyna has not yet commented on the recent reports criticising her choice of treats, but she's not likely to stay silent for very long judging by how quickly she shut down recent body shamers on Instagram.

When a fan posted a photo of the star in a form-fitting outfit, proudly displaying her curves, Chyna hit back: 'I AM HAVING A BABY! Exactly what do you expect to see?! If I walked out in makeup and heels everyday to be beautiful to your means, I WOULD BE MISERABLE AND UNHAPPY, which are two vibes I refuse to transfer to my little one.'

Chyna announced that she was pregnant earlier this month, having been dating Rob Kardashian less than five months. They got engaged about a month before they announced their happy news.