Based on characters and skits from David Cross and Bob Odenkirk's irreverant/scary Mr. Show series, Run Ronnie Run takes one of their least sustainable bits and turns it into a full-blown feature. Hmmm, okay. Let's play along.

So Ronnie Dobbs (Cross) is such a loser that he's married the same woman three times (he's trying to, anyway), and he's been arrested so often he's become a staple on Fuzz, a show borrowed from the obvious connection. In fact, Ronnie's insane appearances are so popular that he makes a career out of being arrested, thanks to a mamby-pamby infomercial producer (Odenkirk), who crafts a Ronnie-only version of Fuzz. Ronnie gets arrested every week, propositioning undercover cops and so on, and soon he's the kind of Hollywood celebrity that would qualify as the bastard child of Richard Hatch and Kid Rock.

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