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Bird York
"In The Deep"

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Bird York In The Deep Single

Hot on the success of the Oscar-winning "Crash", this is taken from the movie's soundtrack and was nominated for an Academy Award in its own right. Also known as Kathleen, Bird York songs have also appeared in "Shelter Island", and popular television series "Nip/Tuck".

A slow piano ballad, "In The Deep" showcases York's luxuriously warm vocals. But that's as far as the compliments go, for the song falls on the wrong side of relaxing, and could possibly be used to cure insomnia. Yes, it was decided that this song should be put forward for a prestigious award, but then Celine Dion/James Horner/Will Jennings' "My Heart Will Go On" (from "Titanic") actually won the thing, which should be enough to indicate the Academy don't have the best taste in music.

Alex Lai

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