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Whitaker Regrets Playing Tortured Roles

Forest Whitaker Bird Idi Amin

Actor Forest Whitaker regrets playing tortured characters in films, as he finds it hard to shake them off when the cameras stop rolling.
The actor, famed for his role as Jazz legend CHARLIE PARKER in 1988s Bird, gets so close to the dramatic characters he plays, they seep into his life off set.
He says, "I've noticed, when I play characters who are all beat down, I feel worse. Charlie Parker was a loner. A drug addict, you know? Some days, I would get out of bed, and I felt like I didn't want to go on."
Whitaker, who is wowing critics at the moment with his portrayal of Ugandan dictator Idi Amin in THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND, adds, "Even now, I have to keep myself in check. 'What are you depressed about? Everything is great, you got a great family. Be happy dude"

Bird - Interview


Bird - Interview

Janie is price-less and unparalleled

The Liverpool crowd gathered in the Stanley theatre proudly and patiently sat at their tables waiting like celebrities at an awards show for main act Rodrigo Y Gabriela. The cello propping, calm voiced and picture of prettiness Janie Price, was ably assisted by her guitar stroking sidekick Michael Jarvis to form the musical hybrid of ‘Bird’. It was long not before the calming and commanding opening number ‘Stalker’, ensured that followers were gained due to their longing and soothing sound. ‘Love Songs On The Radio’ along with the sombre yet potent ‘Falling Like Stars’ from debut album ‘Insides’ highlighted the cheery cellist’s depth and craft, as well demonstrating to gatherers that pop and integrity are not strangers in modern music. Bubbly and soaring forthcoming single; ‘Slowly, Slowly’ that was cheekily introduced as being about Geri Halliwell, drew the curtains on an uplifting and commanding set from this crisp, talented and enthralling pair.

document.write(''); The as charming and effervescent off stage Janie cheerfully led the descent down into the toilet graffiti decorated dressing room, before expressing disdain at the many “Penis drawings” displayed. I wasn’t aware that Har Mar Superstar had played the Stanley Theatre before? I was keen to find out how the London based songstress felt about the surge of guerrilla gigs happening in her home city and how did she fit in with that scene? A cheeky, charming and welcoming giggle introduced her response;

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Law And McGregor Outdo Their Fans

Jude Law Ewan McGregor Bird

Cheeky superstars Jude Law and Ewan McGregor managed to outwit some Los Angeles fans last week (ends26MAR04) - by signing each others' names for their autographs.

The two British actors were enjoying a quite lunch outside the trendy Bird restaurant in West Hollywood when they were inundated by fans demanding their autographs.

The true gentlemen obliged, yet managed to get away with signing the other's signature on the scraps of paper and napkins thrust under their noses.

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Latifah Flips Classic Guinness Character

Queen Latifah Alec Guinness Chicago Bird Who Framed Roger Rabbit Peter Seaman Jeffrey Price Paramount Studios

Former rap star Queen Latifah has a bizarre new movie role - she's playing a female version of SIR Alec Guinness' character in a remake of fifties film LAST HOLIDAY.

Latifah, who won plaudits for her performance in OSCAR winning film Chicago last year (02), will play a female interpretation of Guinness' GEORGE Bird character, who tries to make the most of his life after being told he is going to die within months.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit writers Peter Seaman and Jeffrey Price are penning the script for Paramount Studios.

03/11/2003 17:18

Tributes Pour In For Actor Peck

Bird Charlton Heston Anjelica Huston

Hollywood stars and world leaders have been paying their respects to legendary actor GREGORY PECK - who died on Wednesday night (11/12JUN03), aged 87.

Some of the globe's most powerful individuals have been lining up to pay tribute to the OSCAR-winning star of cinema classics like TO KILL A MOCKING Bird and CAPE FEAR, following his peacefully passing at his Los Angeles home with wife VERONIQUE at his bedside.

French president JACQUES CHIRAC - who was joined by Peck at the opening of the 1998 WORLD CUP soccer contest in France - paid tribute to the actor's "exceptional culture".

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Gregory Peck Dies

Gregory Peck Roman Holiday Academy Of Motion Pictures And Sciences Bird Institute

Hollywood legend Gregory Peck has died at the age of 87.

A spokesperson for the actor says he passed away overnight (11-12JUN03) at his Los Angeles home, with VERONIQUE, his wife of 48 years, by his side.

Peck appeared in more than 60 films including CAPE FEAR, SPELLBOUND and Roman Holiday in a career spanning half a century - and was nominated for five Academy Awards, picking up the Best Actor gong in 1963 for his role in TO KILL A MOCKING Bird.

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