BIPASHA BASU believes horror and thriller movies will improve thanks to 3D technology.

The brunette beauty thinks the genre is ''very edgy'' and she is keen to be part of new Bollywood horror and thriller movies because she doesn't believe there are enough of these types of films within Indian cinema.

She told Bollywood Life: ''Thrillers and horror is one genre that is untapped [in Indian cinema]. And it is one genre that will grow with the arrival of 3D and technical advancements. It's a genre that is very edgy. We [Bollywood] have done action, comedy and romance, but now we have to go beyond that.''

The 33-year-old actress recently appeared as Shanaya Shekhar - an actress at the height of her success - in Bollywood horror movie 'Raaz 3D' alongside Emraan Hashimi and Esha Gupta, and she is set to star in supernatural thriller 'Aatma', which is directed by Suparn Varma, next year.