There are two types of comedies coming out of Hollywood today: adult-oriented star-vehicles and teen-oriented ensemble pictures. You can say what you will about the preponderance of whining, post-modern Dawson's Creek reprises stocking our airwaves and movie theaters, but you can't say much at all about the vacuous one-trick pony known as the modern Hollywood romantic comedy. So I will keep my comments on The Bachelor brief.

In full, the plot of The Bachelor is that Chris O'Donnell has 27 hours to tie the knot, which would assure him of a $100 million inheritance and cozy jobs for life for himself and all of his friends. Unfortunately, he already monumentally botched his proposal to his girlfriend, Renee Zellweger (I won't bother with character names here; I didn't remember them, you won't either). Wacky hijinks ensue, and we all hope desperately it will work out for the best between Chris and Renee.

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