Billy Ray Cyrus granted Liam Hemsworth permission to marry his daughter - if he would help land him a film role.

The country singer claimed the 'Hunger Games' actor was ''bashful'' when he came to ask for Miley Cyrus' hand in marriage, and the 'Achy Breaky Heart' hitmaker jokingly told him he would only consent if he could star alongside Liam's brother Chris in a new movie.

Billy Ray said: ''He didn't have to [ask permission], but he did.

''He's got a really sweet side to him and he came in. They had the big rock. They [were] all bashful about it and then said, 'Hey, look at this.' And Miley was showin' that ring and Liam kind of [said] a little something to me - it was kind of the professional question and I jokingly said, 'Can I be in your brother's next movie?' And then I said, 'No, I'm joking.'

''It was a good question. He never did answer ... I should have said next two movies! And get me in that film of his too.''

It has been speculated that Liam and Miley's romance is in trouble and Billy Ray - who is releasing a memoir, 'Hillbilly Heart' - admits he doesn't know if they'll make it down the aisle, but says it isn't his place to get involved.

He told 'Access Hollywood': ''Now, as far as when they get married or if they get married, that's not my ball game... They'll figure that out themselves.''