Billy Joel has given the producers of TV hit GLEE permission to pick through his back catalogue for an upcoming episode of the show dedicated to the music of the Piano Man.
The rocker reveals he has signed-off on a plan to turn his life's work into a Glee special - and he can't wait to see what director Ryan Murphy and his cast make of songs like Uptown Girl and New York State of Mind.
He tells U.S. news show Access Hollywood, "I said, 'Yeah, go ahead, use my stuff.'
"I was in the chorus when I was in high school."
But Joel insists he won't be following Britney Spears and making an appearance on the show: "I'm not a big TV actor type of guy. I'm a piano player."
Glee has already tackled Joel - show star Matthew Morrison and Emmy Award-winning special guest Neil Patrick Harris crooned a duet of the singer/songwriter's Piano Man in an episode last season.