Billy Joel’s daughter Alexa Ray has been the victim of a deranged stalker, who has threatened the singer with more than 60 Facebook messages, containing elements of “pedophilia, sadistic-sexual behavior, violent physical assaults and murder.” Joel was so concerned about the stalker that he hired Paul McCartney’s private detective, to hunt down Sheryl Finley, 40 – the perpetrator of the oppressive behavior.

New York Post reports that 27 year-old Alexa was scared to leave the house, after the Minnesota woman stalked her and sent messages over a period of several months. A source told the Post that Alexa’s mother, Christie Brinkley, was also fearful for her daughter’s life. “Her mother, Christie Brinkley, was terrified that someone would harm her baby,” the source revealed. “Billy Joel was worried but focused.” According to the report, Billy hired a bodyguard to protect Alexa and also got in touch with old pal McCartney, who put him in touch with a Europe-based private security firm – not bound by the same legal restrictions as the police.

The stalker was tracked down in Austin, Minnesota, where she told law enforcement that the alleged rape and murder threats were not actions she wanted to carry out “during this life.” Finley had previously spent time in a mental institution in 2010. She reportedly remained optimistic that Alexa would not “object to meeting with her.” 

Billy Joel
Billy Joel: pictured with current wife Alexis Roderick

Alexa Ray
Alexa Ray: troubled by stalker