Singer Billy Joel is reportedly reviving plans to release his autobiography, two years after nixing the project.

The rock legend pulled the plug on his memoirs, titled The Piano Man, in 2011, just months before its release, revealing he wasn't "all that interested in talking about the past".

Earlier this year (13), Joel explained that he was uncomfortable with the marketing plan for the tome, which would have touched on his troubled personal life, saying, "Then I saw this marketing campaign - 'Divorce, Depression and Drinking.' We talked about some of those things, but that's not the essence of the book. I realised that was going to be the nature of the campaign. They wanted more sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, and there's not that much in my life."

However, Joel has since had a change of heart about the book after the success of Peter Ames Carlin's authorised 2012 biography of Bruce Springsteen, according to

The star will reportedly reunite with ghost writer Fred Schruers, his collaborator on the shelved autobiography, to revisit the work.