Billy Joel's daughter has assured fans she is Ok after collapsing during a show in New York at the weekend (12Apr14).

Alexa Ray Joel was wrapping up her two-week residency at Cafe Carlyle when she fainted and was admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital, where doctors diagnosed the 28 year old with Vasovagal Syncope - a common cause of fainting which triggers a sudden drop in heart rate and blood pressure.

She issued a statement thanking fans for their support on Monday (14Apr14), and now she insists she is feeling "fine".

Joel tells news show Extra, "I’m doing fine, I’m great, I’m standing, I’m Ok... but I do tend to get a little bit of a low blood sugar drop.

"I was working shows in a row, you know it happens, singing is a physical act. I think I was just building up my stamina and it was a lot of shows in a row."

She adds, "I really appreciate that everybody has been so respectful and not putting any salacious slant on the whole story. Everyone has been so caring and sweet and supportive, I’m getting all these messages on Facebook and social media of everyone asking how I’m doing, I really appreciate it, it’s helping me actually recover.”