Billy Corgan has sent up a professional wrestling company.

The Smashing Pumpkins frontman will act as creative director for Resistance Pro, creating storylines for their events and be the public face of the organisation in the hope of bringing back the "glory days" of the sport.

He explained to 'Good Day Live': "I've been involved sort of behind the scenes with pro wrestling for about a decade and made a lot of friends in the business. It's a very insular business and it's a long story, but I essentially got involved with some brothers who had a wrestling promotion. We decided to form our own promotion and we're going to try to bring back to the glory days.

"We kind of want to go back to a more Old School kind of feel."

Billy believes that there are a lot of parallels between the wrestling and music scenes.

He told the Detroit News newspaper: "You have a very strong indie scene, and a lot of times guys and girls build up their names there, and when they try to go to the big leagues they get a lot of (grief) from fans saying, 'You sold out,' and so on. It's totally the same thing as in music."

Resistance Pro will host their first event - dubbed 'Black Friday' - at Chicago's Excalibur Club on November 25.