Billy Bob Thornton claims bananas are his only sweet indulgence.

The 'Fargo' star leads an ''extremely healthy'' lifestyle because he is allergic to wheat and dairy, so has been forced to cut out numerous different foods from his diet.

He said: ''I'm vegan and eat extremely healthy. For me, something indulgent would be to cut two bananas into my oatmeal instead of one. I don't eat junk at all.''

However, the 58-year-old actor admits he sometimes wishes he could enjoy a wider variety of food rather than having no option but to follow a strict diet.

Speaking to PEOPLE, he explained: ''I wish I could have that stuff, but I'm allergic to wheat and dairy.''

Meanwhile, the 'Sling Blade' star is adamant he won't be following everyone else and developing an unhealthy addiction to social networking sites.

He said previously: ''Twitter and Facebook, and all these things, are making people into blithering idiots. I don't use any of that mess. In the '60s we would say 'power to the people' but that's not what we meant. We didn't mean every moron on Earth tweeting into CNN to say what you think.''