Billie Joe Armstrong is bonding with his teenage son over their shared love of music after the youngster signed up to play in a punk rock group.
The Green Day rocker's son Joey now plays drums in the band Emily's Army and Armstrong is relishing in passing on his wisdom.
He tells Kerrang! magazine, "Joey and I get along great. In fact, he's in a punk rock band right now. It's really fun to watch them because they do things in such a DIY (do it yourself) way. So I can talk to him about that kind of stuff and he's fascinated with the whole Do It Yourself punk rock scene. He loves going to record stores and hanging with the other punk kids at his school."
But Armstrong is careful not to reveal all about the rock 'n' roll lifestyle to the teen, because he wants him to learn from his own experiences.
He says, "It's up to him to have his own adventure with it. I don't want to tell him everything that he can expect; I just want to tell him enough where he can be prepared. It's just important that the life he leads is his own and that the experiences he collects are his own too."