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Posted 5 years 11 months ago by kurt madsen

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10/25/2007 AH! YES...MR. BILL PERKS(WYMAN), the most often 'Underrated of His Former "EMPLOYERS", the 'Fabulous' ROLLING STONES. A former Betting Parlour Manager,in W. LONDON. I'LL " WAGER" He never figured into his 'odds' that the 'STONES' Would Last longer that the "Liverpool 5" -(the BEATLES),or that the band he was 'Formerly' an INTEGRAL Part of ..No Matter what his "..performance Rating " by the MUSIC PUBLIS.! 'EVEN Beyond his song on the 'Stones' "******** Magestys' REQUEST" (it was either 'Gomper', or "IN ANOTHER LAND", the contributer..doesn't Recall.) Much KUDOS to Mr. BILL WYMAN, His Framus,his VOX 'Teardrop' Basses,and Probably, the ONLY "TRUE" Friend the Late BRIAN JONES... EVER HAD, IN THAT Power-Hungry, miserable,LOT !!

Posted 7 years 10 months ago by SR. BILL WYMAN ...

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