LOST IN TRANSLATION star Bill Murray has joined Brad Pitt on the small list of stars who have turned down the chance to appear on indepth American chat show INSIDE THE ACTORS STUDIO.

The revered show, hosted by James Lipton, has featured the best actors working today - talking about their craft and their lives - but Murray has no wish to appear.

He says, "I met that guy (Lipton) a while ago and he said, `You're never gonna do the show, are you?' I guess I've been invited before, but I always had a problem with it being called Inside The Actors Studio.

"It always bothered me. And when he called the show Inside The Actors Studio - well, what are you talking to Meg Ryan for, or any number of these people they've got now who couldn't find the Actors Studio with a phone book."

Pitt recently announced he had been approached to appear on the show but turned the opportunity down because he didn't think he was experienced enough.

24/11/2004 02:27