Bill Murray looks to be in line for an award at the Oscars for the second time for his portrayal of former President of the United States Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the comedy drama 'Hyde Park on the Hudson'.

Bill Murray movies are often well-received; however, he hardly dares get his hopes up about the possible honour, given his past disappointment when he lost an Academy Award for Best Actor for his 2003 movie 'Lost in Translation'. 'You can't get all ramped up and amped up about this thing all the time', Murray said in an interview with Associated Press. 'I mean, I got excited about it once, and it was odd. I won literally all the prizes all the way up to the last one. And I really thought, well, 'I've just to go get this thing, I'll be right back.' And then I didn't win.'

The 'Ghostbusters' actor understands that the idea of him playing Roosevelt would be a difficult concept for some people to swallow but, having starred in a biopic in the past (as Hunter S. Thompson in 'Where the Buffalo Roam') he felt he was able to find the skill to do the role justice. 'I had the feeling of, like, 'I've got to revere the best of this person,'' Murray said. 'The same with Roosevelt. I had to revere the best of him.'