Proving once again that Bill Murray is the coolest guy around, Bill Murray has been giving his thoughts on Tinder, the popular dating app. Murray dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to promote his new movie St Vincent, though he and the host got talking digital technology.

Bill MurrayBill Murray stars as a bawdy war veteran in 'St Vincent'

Murray had said he had heard of Tinder due to its use at this year's Winter Olympics, saying, "Yeah I know about Tinder. It became very popular at the Olympics. Because it was like...Hi I'm very fit and I'm an Olympic athlete. Ok. If that's what we all are, then that's ok. I think that it could be amusing, but I can't imagine doing it particularly. I feel like I've lived that life, but I can't live that life anymore."

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The actor then proved that he doesn't need an app to meet the opposite sex.

"I can just sort of say, Hey, you with the camera," he yelled into the crowd. "Come here. Damn it, I'm coming your way."

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We already knew that Murray wasn't the most technologically advanced guy in the world. Take his process of accepting film roles for example. Murray doesn't have an agent or a publicist, so should you have a role to pitch the actor, you're going to need to find his number (which pretty much nobody in Hollywood knows), phone up, leave details of your offer on his answering machine and wait for a call back.

St Vincent - which is being talked about in Oscars circles for a potential nomination for Murray - is a comedy co-starring Melissa McCarthy. Murray plays a misanthropic, bawdy, hedonistic war veteran who befriends a young kid living next door. It hits theaters in the U.S on Friday (October 24, 2014). 

Watch a clip from St Vincent: