Former actress Charlotte Fox and a woman going by the name of 'Elizabeth' claim they were both taken advantage of by The Cosby Show star in the 1970s, but, just like Cosby's other accusers, the statute of limitations on their allegations has run out, and they cannot seek a court trial.

At a press conference on Thursday (20Aug15), Elizabeth alleged she met Cosby when she was 19 and working as a flight attendant in 1976. After initially turning down an offer to join him at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles, she finally agreed to meet him due to his persistence.

Following their visit to Hugh Hefner's infamous pad, Elizabeth claims the comedian took her to a nearby restaurant, where he allegedly insisted she drink sake to "loosen" her up, despite the fact she did not drink alcohol on a regular basis.

She alleges, "I was completely in a trance-like state, like I was dreaming. I don't remember how we got to his hotel room. He went to the bathroom and undressed and came out in a robe.

"He made me kneel down. All I know is that it was the most horrifying thing that could happen to an innocent woman."

Fox came forward with a similar story, revealing she met Cosby while she was an extra on the set of his film Uptown Saturday Night in the early 1970s.

Fox claims the comic invited her and a few others to a local jazz club and then to the Playboy Mansion, where she drank alcohol and fell ill.

She said, "I vaguely remember coming back from the bathroom. The next thing I remember was that I was sort of awake, in a bed, with no clothes on and there was Mr. Cosby, in a robe, crawling from the bottom of the bed.

"I was incapacitated and couldn't say no. He engaged in sexual activity with me. It was not consensual."

The two new accusers were joined by California attorney Gloria Allred who also represents 24 other women who have come forward with rape, sexual assault and inappropriate behaviour claims against Cosby since last summer (14).

Cosby has never been charged with any crime relating to the accusations, but he has been ordered to give a deposition in October (15) over allegations he molested a woman at the Playboy Mansion in 1975.