Chloe Goins has taped an interview with U.S. TV psychologist Dr. Phil MCGraw, in which she reveals details of her encounter with the embattled comedian in 2008.

In a preview of the upcoming episode, Goins says, "It's been really hard, especially with coming out publicly. Unfortunately, with these types of cases, the victim gets really scrutinised and dug into. My life has been completely dug into by people, and it's been a tough road.

"It makes me upset every time I think about it. It was a disgusting thing that happened to me, that happened to these other women, and I'll never be able to fully grasp that or get over that."

Goins came forward with her accusations in January (15), four months after the first of a group of accusers went public with decades-old claims of rape, drugging and inappropriate behaviour aimed at Cosby. More than 50 women have since come forward.

The comic's attorney, Martin Singer, released a statement refuting the model's allegations, stating that Cosby was in New York on the date that Goins claimed she was assaulted at the Playboy Mansion in California, adding he would be providing "documentary evidence to the appropriate authorities which conclusively establishes Mr. Cosby's whereabouts on August 9th and for the preceding and succeeding days."

Singer has also shot down a series of accusations against his client, but in a recently released 2005 deposition, Cosby admitted to giving a woman Quaaludes before having sex with her.

Cosby is scheduled to be deposed next month (Oct15) in what will be the first time he has spoken about a sexual assault allegation against him in a decade. He settled a previous case out of court in 2005 and has never been charged with any crime relating to the accusations.