The embattled comedian was sued by Andrea Constand a decade ago over claims he drugged her and then took advantage of her, and the case, which was settled privately in 2006, returned to the spotlight last year (14), when more than 30 other women came forward with similar tales of abuse and inappropriate behaviour, dating back decades.

Damning details from the actor's lawsuit testimony were recently made public, revealing The Cosby Show star confessed to obtaining sedatives with the intent of giving them to women he wanted to sleep with, and the news prompted Constand's attorneys to file papers in a Pennsylvania court asking for a judge to void the confidentiality agreement and release the full deposition and settlement information.

They stated, "Cosby's behaviors have caused plaintiff unwanted and overwhelming media attention, which has detrimentally affected her..."

Cosby's legal team is now hitting back, seeking "sanctions" against Constand if she successfully has the lawsuit documents released to the press.

His attorneys claim it is unfair for Constand to keep the settlement money while violating the confidentiality clause, accusing her of wanting to "have her cake and eat it too".

Further details from Cosby's deposition were obtained by the New York Times and published over the weekend (18-19Jul15).

News of the Cosby team's filing emerges hours after one of his lawyers, Monique Pressley, appeared on U.S. TV and blasted the media for its handling of the actor's ongoing sex scandal.