The Cosby Show star was featured in the Father's Day-themed artwork along with iconic figures such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Nelson Mandela, but the colourful display has now been painted over by local officials after more than 30 women accused him of sexual assault.

A representative for The Philadelphia Mural Arts Program has confirmed the artwork had been recommended for removal due to its deteriorating condition, but the process was sped up because of Cosby's highly-publicised troubles.

Spokeswoman Cari Feiler Bender tells, "The Mural Arts Program doesn't do murals under bridges any more because it deteriorates too quickly. This mural was already on the list, so we took the opportunity, with all the recent headlines, to move this mural up to the top of the list to examine for decommissioning."

Cosby has denied the sex attack claims through his lawyer.