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World Peace Hosts The 13th Annual Day Of The Child Held At Star Eco Station In Culver City

Bijou Phillips Sunday 13th November 2011 World Peace hosts the 13th Annual Day of the Child held at Star Eco Station in Culver City California, USA

Bijou Phillips
Bijou Phillips
Destenee and Bijou Phillips
Bijou Phillips
Destenee and Bijou Phillips

Bijou Phillips Stunned And Upset By Sister's Incest Revelations

Bijou Phillips John Phillips

Actress Bijou Phillips has been left devastated by her sister MACKENZIE's incest revelations, insisting she can't believe their father, MAMAS & THE PAPAS star John Phillips, once raped his daughter and then enjoyed a decade-long consensual affair with her.

MACkenzie has revealed all about her twisted romance with her father in her new memoir, High on Arrival, and she stunned America on Wednesday (23Sep09) when she spoke out about the affair on daytime TV show Oprah.

The actress' stepmother Michelle Phillips, who was also a member of the Mamas & The Papas, immediately fired back at the claims, suggesting MACkenzie's recollections could not be believed - because she's a longtime drug abuser, and now her stepsister has spoken in defence of her father.

Bijou Phillips insists it's not the first time she has heard her sister's outrageous claims, stating, "When I was 13, MACkenzie told me that she had a consensual sexual relationship with our father. This news was confusing and it was also scary, as I lived alone with him since I was three. I didn't know what to believe and it didn't help that shortly thereafter MACkenzie told me it didn't happen."

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Launch Of Dow XLA At Highbar

Danny Masterson, Bijou Phillips and Mickey Boardman - Danny Masterson, Bijou Phillips and Mickey Boardman New York City, USA - Launch of Dow XLA at Highbar Tuesday 16th September 2008

Danny Masterson, Bijou Phillips and Mickey Boardman
Danny Masterson, Bijou Phillips and Mickey Boardman
Danny Masterson and Bijou Phillips

Mercedes-Benz Autumn 2008 LA Fashion Week - Whitley Kros Show - Front Row

Lauren German and Bijou Phillips - Lauren German, Bijou Phillips and Guest Culver City, California - Mercedes-Benz Autumn 2008 LA Fashion Week - Whitley Kros Show - Front Row Sunday 9th March 2008

Masterson + Phillips Buy First Home Together

Danny Masterson Bijou Phillips

Former THAT 70'S SHOW star Danny Masterson has sparked rumours of a romance with actress/socialite Bijou Phillips after buying a Hollywood Hills home together.
The couple has spent an estimated $3 million (GBP1.5 million) on a five-bedroom Mediterranean-style property.
Phillips and Masterson have been regulars on the Hollywood party scene for years. They're currently starring in actor Blair Underwood's directorial debut The Bridge To Nowhere.

Phillips Had Torture Scene Nightmares

Bijou Phillips

Actress Bijou Phillips suffered nightmares for two weeks after shooting finished on new horror sequel Hostel: Part II.
The 27-year-old found filming torture scenes soon took their toll on her general well-being.
She says, "After we'd shoot the torture stuff I'd go back to my apartment, I'd be lying in bed. I'd be just about to fall asleep and I'd think something was coming to get me.
"It was so crazy and I'd shoot across the room and bang my knee and I thought my apartment was haunted.
"Definitely all the things that happen to you after you leave a horror movie, that was pretty much me for a couple of weeks."

Hostel: Part II Review

Let's lay the cards on the table: Hostel, to me, was one of the coldest, most blindly-conceived horror films to get released in years, basically acting as torture porn rather than an actual film. So, the fact that Hostel: Part II is more thuggishly ambivalent to thought and structure, more cold and condescending to its audience and its characters, and more wildly absurd in both tone and execution doesn't come as a surprise. To be honest, it makes sense that after two thoroughly fascinating horror experiments (Bug and 28 Weeks Later) are released that Hostel: Part II will easily make enough money to secure a third installment and will set the horror genre back a solid decade.

Basically, Part II is Hostel plus a B-cup. Three girls (Lauren German, Bijou Phillips, and Heather Matarazzo) are in Europe studying art. One of the models for the art course is a statuesque beauty (Vera Jordanova) who befriends the girls and starts a friendship with one girl that borders on lesbianism. Of course, the model gets them to go to a special hot springs and stay at a hostel. Shortly after arriving, the girls are drugged, dragged, and prepped for a slab or a death seat.

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Hostel 2 Trailer

Hostel 2

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Havoc Review

Eventually, every girl grows up. Cinema dictates this. Sometimes, that move into adulthood is seamless (see Jodie Foster, Claire Danes, Scarlett Johanssen, Kirsten Dunst). Sometimes it is agonizingly painful (see the Olsen twins, Hilary Duff, and -- arguably -- Drew Barrymore).

Sometimes it is as curious as all get-out (see Anne Hathaway in Havoc). I don't know if I've ever seen a more radical departure of film roles than Hathaway's decision to go from the Princess Diaries films to this one. Hathaway's former work is almost unilaterally square in the rated-G realm. Her PG-rated movies earned those ratings primarily due to events like Hathaway falling on her butt.

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Black And White (1999) Review

A very unique and brutal subculture exists in America these days. It's a strange juxtaposition of harsh street life and uber-materialistic greed tempered with a sense of justifiability from a code of unwritten ethics. The world is that of the gangsta rappers, the ghetto boys, and the thug-life advocators that dominate the world of hip-hop and rap music. Black and White, the latest film by James Toback, explores this subculture that grows stronger with every new generation it affects.

The hardest thing about an outsider trying to infiltrate a subculture and explain it to the masses is that the truth is often lost in the translation. Toback throws together a huge canvas of characters and actors in attempt to create a clear picture of why white kids are motivated to impersonate black rappers' lifestyles and why rich whit guys treat black rappers like Arnold and Willis from Diff'rent Strokes.

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Bully Review

Larry Clark -- who wrote and directed his first film, Kids, at the tender age of 52 and in the process, broke the mold about what we should expect from a movie about teenagers -- returns to familiar ground in Bully, a striking and harrowing follow-up.

A slam-dunk natural subject for Clark, Bully follows the based-on-reality story of Marty Puccio (Brad Renfro), who along with his girlfriend Lisa (Rachel Miner) decides to brutally slay his "best friend" Bobby (Nick Stahl) as payback for a lifetime of abuse. Set in the ultra-trashy nether regions of southern Florida -- and I mean seriously, beyond-WWF trashy -- there's little to do but drive your car, play video games, have sex, and beat the crap out of your friends.

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Fast Sofa Review

I found Fast Sofa, the novel, in the discount bin in early 1994, intrigued that it came with a 45-rpm vinyl soundtrack attached right into the binding. The story, about an L.A.-livin', heavy metal obsessive named Rick who takes an odd (and pretty short) road trip, most notably visiting his favorite porn star, Ginger, in Palm Springs.

Amusing enough, and a quick read. And Fast Sofa, the movie, keeps the guts of this road trip intact -- enough to realize that our pal Rick is on a real road to nowhere. Jake Busey makes for a creepy and considerably miscast hero, though Jennifer Tilly's wanton Ginger is enough fun for the both of them. Stealing the show, however, is Crispin Glover, as a shut-in sophisticate named Julian who tags along on the latter half of Rick's abortive journey. His outfit alone is reason enough to rent the tape.

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Tart Review

Misleading title alert!

Not only does the provocative title of Tart mislead us, but the packaging features a lithe Dominique Swain on its covers, her schoolgirl skirt blowing up to expose her panties. The tagline: "Sex, Drugs and Study Hall."

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