Late rapper Big Pun's wife LIZA RIOS has further fuelled her war of words with rap heavyweight Fat Joe by insisting her husband got "played" by his Terror Squad boss in an online video.
Homeless Rios recently went public with her financial woes, claiming Fat Joe owed her royalties. The rapper responded by suggesting Rios' money worries were the result of a series of "unwise" shopping sprees, and that she had been well compensated after Pun's death in 2000.
But in a new video interview, the bitter widow insists Joe should honour the promise he made to her at Big Pun's funeral and stop the bickering.
She says, "In front of my dead husband, in front of my children, he stated that if my kids did not eat, his kids would not eat.
"I really feel bad for Pun because he got played. If it was the other way around, Pun would have never did that (sic)."
And, responding to Joe's claims that she was paid "hundreds of thousands" following her husband's death - and she squandered the cash, Rios insists she spent the money she received trying to pay off the mortgage on Big Pun's house.
She states, "I spent $120,000 on the mortgage alone... Trying to keep the home that he (Pun) bought was probably the wrong decision."
But things are looking up for Rios, who was evicted from the home on her late husband's birthday two years ago (07) - she has landed a job in a tattoo parlour and is now house hunting.