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Leaving the Big Brother reunion at Embassy Club - London, England - Friday 21st September 2007

Big Brother
Big Brother

Big Brother party hosted by Billi Bhatti held at Embassy - London, England - Thursday 23rd September 2010

Big Brother

Jack Madeley and Gerry Stergiopoulos - London, England - Monday 3rd September 2007

National Trust Big Brother Open House - London United Kingdom - Thursday 26th September 2013

Big Brother 8 wrap party held at EGG Nightclub - Arrivals - London, England - Monday 3rd September 2007

Big Brother contestant Jemima Slade's family run hair dressers Gold's salon in Marylebone - London UK United Kingdom - Saturday 15th June 2013

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant Danielle Marr goes shopping in Dublin - Dublin Ireland - Friday 13th December 2013

Never Say Never UK film premiere held at the O2 - London, England - Wednesday 16th February 2011

from Big Brother 7 on a night out in Leeds with a mystery woman - Leeds, England - Saturday 18th August 2007

Television X Soft And Hard Adult Film And Television Awards (SHAFTA's) held at For Your Eyes Only - Departures - London, England - Thursday 10th March 2011

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