The remaining 'Big Brother' contestants were horrified when their past nominations were screened.

Sophie, Rodrigo, Charlie, Siavash, Lisa and David were going about their daily business when Big Brother's voice came over the loudspeaker.

He said: "Housemates should pay close attention to what they are about to see on the Plasma."

The contestants rushed to the TV, excitedly speculating about what they were about to see.

They fell silent as the words "Week One" appeared on the screen, followed by Sophie saying saying: "My first nomination is Charlie!"

Letting out a high-pitched shriek, Sophie squealed: "Why the f*** are they showing this?"

Clips of the other housemate's previous nominations followed, accompanied by nervous laughter, red faces and more than a few dirty looks.

Lisa was particularly furious when it was revealed that Siavash has nominated her week after week.

She shouted: "You're such a liar! You said you only nominated me once!"

He struggled to recover his composure, meekly saying: "Listen to the reasons Lisa!"

Rodrigo was also upset when he discovered Charlie had nominated him several weeks ago.

Rodrigo shouted: "F*** you Big Brother!"