Marcus sent 'Big Brother' producers into a panic yesterday (17.06.09) after they thought he was trying to escape.

The hairy 35-year-old looked intent on leaving the reality TV house as he climbed a garden trellis to hoist himself up the wall and onto the roof.

However, 'Big Brother' bosses were relieved when they discovered the window fitter wasn't trying to escape and was merely fetching a fellow housemate's bowler hat, which had been issued to all contestants to wear while performing their latest task - a dance routine to show tune 'Ole Bamboo'.

Marcus has previously displayed an independent spirit in the house, and admitted to being aware of Big Brother's manipulative nature.

He has previously asked housemates: "Are you master of your own destiny or a pawn in their game?"

Although it turned out Marcus wasn't trying to flee, many housemates before him have attempted it - with varying levels of success.

In 'Big Brother 3', Sandy Cumming climbed onto the roof to make a dash for freedom but was persuaded to come down by producers, who then let him walk out the back door of the house.

In the first 'Celebrity Big Brother', eventual winner Jack Dee escaped from the house by walking out of the back gate - but was later put back in by security guards.

Last year, Lisa Appleton attempted to escape through an emergency exit in the garden fence but returned to the house just 10 minutes later.