Lisa has vowed never to talk to Freddie again.

The outspoken lesbian 'Big Brother' housemate has decided to ignore Freddie (Halfwit) since they fell out last night (04.08.09) when it was revealed the whole house will face the public vote for eviction on Friday (08.08.09).

After Freddie declared the situation "funny" he and Lisa locked horns about housemates' 'gameplans' and the Oxford graduate accused his sparring partner of trying to turn the others against him.

Later - still dressed as a playing card for this week's shopping task - over a cigarette, Lisa told David and Charlie: "I'm quite looking forward to Friday night actually.

"The only thing that saddens me about it all is Halfwit really wants me out the door, wants me to go.

"And he's hoping - because people have come in and said I was hated on the outside - he thinks they'll probably get me out.

"But if they do, then I'm big enough and strong enough to handle that. I'll have my say when I'm out there.

"If I don't go I'll laugh in his face."

Charlie, who had looked uncomfortable during Lisa's speech, quietly said: "Don't do that."

However, Lisa continued: "Well, he's laughing my face. I'm never speaking to him again Charlie, he's really upset me.

"I'm not a hard person and for someone to talk about me saying I've turned everybody against him, that really hurt me.

"I'm a soft person - I'd never hurt anyone ever really, even when I get angry."

Meanwhile, Bea discussed Lisa's actions during the argument with Marcus and Freddie.

She said to Freddie: "She went absolutely nuts. She was like a woman possessed, ranting at you.

"It would be interesting to see you and Lisa head-to-head, like on Youtube where they have a Great White shark versus a crocodile."