John James and Keeley have clashed in the 'Big Brother' house.

As the hunky Australian and Irish DJ Caoimhe were speaking quietly about her plans to leave the compound, Keeley accused the pair of having a "b***h" about other housemates.

She said: "Excuse me, I feel really uncomfortable when you're having a b***h, can you take it somewhere else?"

Student Caoimhe stressed she was merely trying to decide on her future on the show, saying: "I'm not bitching, I am evaluating whether I want to stay in the house."

But retired bodybuilder John James continued the argument with Keeley, and forced her to apologise.

She said: "To me it felt like you were slagging people off. I apologise if I've got the wrong end of the stick."

John James and Caoimhe have since spoken about their mistrust of new arrival Keeley, claiming she is "using" former serviceman Steve to make her more secure in the house.

John James said: "I don't like how she's an individual. I hate people who are individual like that. She's in here to win it, and I don't like the way she's using Steve to her advantage."

Caoimhe also believes the air hostess is associating herself with popular Steve to try and stay in for as long as possible.

She added: "I think she's been reading a lot in the press."

Meanwhile the housemates took place in a 'Tug of War' task with the losing side forced to wear 'loser' badges.

Ex-serviceman Steve adjudicated the challenge which saw John James beat Mario, Corin win over Rachel, Andrew triumphed over Joise and Caoimhe was thrilled to be victorious over her arch enemy Keeley.

After a rematch David eventually beat Ben who claimed he looked "like a burglar."

Steve and the winners were promised a party as their reward.