'Big Brother' housemates are trying to stay positive on basic rations.

The group - who won £500 worth of shopping money in the Lego key task, which was then taken away when they were caught discussing nominations - awoke to find that as well as having their food budget slashed, their hot water supply had also been turned off.

Early risers Corin and Sunshine tried to look on the bright side of the situatiom with the 29-year-old shop worker reminding her fellow housemates they should be grateful they have any food at all, while 24-year-old medical student Sunshine said the rations might help them lose weight.

However, other contestants seemed less than amused.

Dave grumbled: "The thing is they haven't even given us any spices or anything."

Despite this, the 39-year-old Christian minister claimed he once went 21 days surviving on only water and tea.

Ben found himself at the centre of the row over rule breaking after Shabby claimed he had used a code word to suggest he had nominated Sunshine in the first week.

After rowing with several housemates over his decision, Mario has spoken at his unhappiness at the way the rest of the house "gang up" on his pal.

Mario said: "It just seems to be in his nature that he get himself into unnecessary trouble and I have to constantly be there to stop him.

"He's my friend and I feel like people gang up on him."