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Celeb Bb Racism Row Heats Up

Police have become involved in the row over alleged racism on Celebrity Big Brother.A total of 14,500 complaints have been received by the media regulator Ofcom about concerns that Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty is the...

By on 17 January 2007

Ofcom Probes 2,000 Bb Racism Complaints

Media regulator Ofcom has said that it is investigating 2,000 complaints about racism on Celebrity Big Brother.Shilpa Shetty is one of nine celebrities being filmed 24 hours a day for the Channel 4 reality TV...

By on 16 January 2007

Eskimos Entertain Jade In Dull Cbb House

JADE GOODY, blamed for the sliding ratings of this year's CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER, has so far provided some of the more entertaining moments.The girl from Bermondsey has won fans over before with her brilliantly absurd...

By on 16 January 2007

Tears For Jaded Shilpa

The Jade Goody effect has struck yet another housemate.Symptoms include frustration, angst and a desire to quit Celebrity Big Brother  although Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty has yet to display the final sign.So far Jade...

By on 15 January 2007

Jermaine Claims It With The Boogie

After the glory of beating H from STEPS in a battle of the bands in the CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER house yesterday, JERMAINE JACKSON claimed his brothers from the JACKSON 5 "would be proud".Jermaine and four...

By on 15 January 2007

A Whale Of A Tale Gets Lots In Translation

Confusion reigns in the Celebrity Big Brother house after some of the housemates stumbled across an apparent language barrier.Well-spoken Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty has struggled at times to understand the broad tones of cockney trio...

By on 14 January 2007

Carole Booted Out Of Bb

Carole has become the second person to be evicted from the Big Brother house, although three have walked out. The tabloid reporter was calm and reasoned during the eviction, saying, "We knew one of us...

By on 13 January 2007

Sayer Quits Celeb Bb

Leo Sayer has become the third contestant to quit Celebrity Big Brother by bashing his way through one of the walls with a broom.Although he has been threatening to leave for days, a dispute over...

By on 12 January 2007

Stripped Miss Gb 'To Be Sued' Over Playboy Shots

The disgraced former Miss Great Britain and current Celebrity Big Brother contestant Danielle Lloyd is to be sued, reports suggest.According to the Sun newspaper, the 23-year-old is being sued for £100,000 by bosses of the...

By on 11 January 2007

Preston Quits Show After Chantelle Jibes

Ordinary Boys singer Preston stormed off a recording of Never Mind The Buzzcocks after jokes were made about his wife.The banter became too much for Preston after extracts were read out from an autobiography written...

By on 11 January 2007

Bb Says Bye Bye To Jackiey

Celebrity Big Brother has said goodbye to its first evictee.Loud mouth Jackiey Budden was voted off in a surprise eviction last night and was unceremoniously booted from the house with no warning.She had been up...

By on 11 January 2007

Shilpa Finds Big Brother's Dirk "Sexy"

Dirk Benedict has still got what it takes to impress the ladies, apparently.The former A-Team star, known as The Face, has been described by Bollywood beauty Shilpa Shetty in the Celebrity Big Brother house as...

By on 10 January 2007

Shilpa Can't Face An Older Man

CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER'S lead man, the A-TEAM's DIRK BENEDICT, has admitted he feels a little something when he's near Bollywood superstar SHILPA SHETTY.The Face man told BIG BROTHER in the Diary Room: "Although I can't...

By on 10 January 2007

Big Brother Fans Feeling Jade-ed

JADE GOODY and her family have seemingly slashed CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER'S ratings single-handedly, after viewing figures fell by more than half since they entered the house.Although Channel 4 has maintained that this year's viewing figures...

By on 09 January 2007

Big Brother Housemates Pass Servant Task

The CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER house has united in glee as the housemates have passed the dreaded servant task.Having already dispatched loony attention-seeker Donny Tourette and ailing oldie Ken Russell, the task came to an end...

By on 08 January 2007

Tourette Admits Cocaine Habit

Rock star and former CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER contestant DONNY TOURETTE has confessed he snorted cocaine before appearing on spin-off talk show BIG BROTHER'S LITTLE BROTHER yesterday (7JAN07). The TOWERS OF LONDON frontman, whose interview had...

Jade Goes Crackers

No-one could doubt Jade's commitment to the first Celebrity Big Brother task after her most recent outburst.The ditsy gal had a rather large run-in with director Ken Russell and, as in so many arguments, food...

By on 07 January 2007

Jade Joins The House As Donny Escapes

Jade and the Goody clan moved into the Celebrity Big Brother house causing Donny to jump the fence.In what was possibly Big Brother's worse kept secret, Jade Goody returned to the Big Brother house almost...

By on 06 January 2007

Donny And Ken Frustrate Bb Housemates

Celebrity Big Brother housemates have only been in the house for two days but it seems that some of them have already managed to annoy everyone else.First up is Donny Tourette. The frontman of punk/rock...

By on 05 January 2007

Donny Daft-o Providing The Big Brother Entertainment

BIG BROTHER wannabe-wildman DONNY TOURETTE is providing the most interesting moments of the latest show so far.The lead singer of rock band THE TOWERS OF LONDON has managed to leer at almost all the women...

By on 05 January 2007

Ken Russell Flashes Ex-miss Great Britain

Veteran filmmaker KEN RUSSELL flashed his genitalia at disgraced former Miss Great Britain DANIELLE LLOYD within hours of entering reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother last night (03JAN07). The 79-year-old Oscar nominee and three time...

Shilpa Sizzles On Celeb Big Bro

This year's batch of fame-hungry celebrities in the Big Brother house looked utterly baffled by the identity of their fellow housemates and perhaps the most confused was Bollywood siren SHILPA SHETTY.India's answer to ANGELINA JOLIE...

By on 04 January 2007

Jackson Brother Joins Big Brother

Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine has joined ten other celebrities on the UK's fifth series of Celebrity Big Brother.The 11 celebrities made their way into the house last night where they will be separated from the...

By on 04 January 2007

Celebs Gear Up For Big Brother

Stars taking part in this year's Celebrity Big Brother are gearing up to enter the house this evening.Channel 4 has refused to name the contestants, but speculation has been rife about who is set to...

By on 03 January 2007

Will Ferrell And Wife Welcome Baby Boy

ANCHORMAN star WILL FERRELL and his wife, VIVECA PAULSON, celebrated the New Year early with the birth of their second son on Saturday (30DEC06). The actor's new baby MATTIAS, who joins big brother MAGNUS, two,...

Lil' Kim, Not So Lil' Money

Rap superstar Lil' Kim has reportedly agreed to take part in Celebrity Big Brother if she is paid £500,000.According to The Sun, Lil' Kim is quite the diva and alongside the half a million pound...

By on 27 December 2006

Feltz Loves Brand's Texts

Television presenter and journalist Vanessa Feltz has told of the "suggestive" text messages she receives from comedian Russell Brand. Speaking of her friendship with the Big Brother's Big Mouth presenter, Vanessa confessed to being the...

By on 27 December 2006

Lineker Nets Most-seen Title

High TV audiences for this year's World Cup propelled former footballer Gary Lineker to the top of the most-seen TV presenter list in 2006.The Match of the Day host fronted the BBC's coverage of the...

By on 26 December 2006

Hawkins For The House?

The outrageous frontman of The Darkness, Justin Hawkins, has been hotly-tipped to enter the celebrity Big Brother house.Hawkins, 31, hit the UK charts in 2003 with the Brit award winning album, Permission to Land. However,...

By on 16 December 2006

Everett Quit Reality Show After One Day

British actor RUPERT EVERETT walked out of a celebrity version of reality TV show THE APPRENTICE after just one day, because he hated being treated like a BIG BROTHER contestant. The 47-year-old star couldn't stand...

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