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Housemates Begin Repentance For Sins

A period of abstention and frustration seems to lie ahead for Big Brother housemates after the announcement of the latest weekly task.Carole, 53, was asked to nominate which housemate was most guilty of one of...

By on 02 July 2007

Big Bro's Seven Deadly Sins

Big Brother has set the housemates perhaps their most fiendishly difficult task yet – to be good.In order to avoid basic rations for the next week, the Channel 4 reality show contestants will have to...

By on 01 July 2007

Bye-bye To Bb's Billi

Billi has been given the boot from the Big Brother house after receiving 55.1 per cent of the public vote.The model becomes the third person to be evicted from the Channel 4 show and the...

By on 30 June 2007

Bookies Say Billi To Get Bb Boot

Billi has been named the bookies favourite to get dumped out of the BIG BROTHER house tonight, although loudmouth Charley is favourite to leave next week.The 25-year-old received seven votes having not endeared himself to...

By on 29 June 2007

Bb Housemates Get A Hearty Surprise

Big Brother housemates were given a somewhat gruesome surprise after Brian won a special diary room quiz.After Brian managed to answer Big Brother's 'tough' questions, Sam and Liam headed into the diary room to pick...

By on 29 June 2007

Jonathan Talks About Quitting Bb

Big Brother housemate Jonathan announced to his fellow contestants yesterday that he wanted to leave the house. After speaking to Big Brother in the Diary Room, Jonathan gathered the housemates and said that although he was...

By on 28 June 2007

Chantelle And Preston Split

Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle Houghton and The Ordinary Boys singer Samuel Preston have split up.The couple married last August after meeting in the Big Brother house and becoming engaged soon after.In a statement released...

By on 27 June 2007

Billi, Carole And Tracey Up For Eviction

Big Brother housemates Billi, Carole and Tracey have been nominated for eviction on Friday night.All 14 housemates went into the diary room to nominate their two chosen contestants they most want to leave, but Billi...

By on 27 June 2007

Code-speaking Tracey For Bb Boot?

Another BIG BROTHER contestant could be thrown out of the house for breaking rules, according to reports.Insiders suggest raver TRACEY could be given the chop after her slang phrases were said to be secret code...

By on 26 June 2007

Housemates Quit 'Insomniac' Task

Housemates inside the Big Brother house have quit their 'insomniacs' task after giving in to the temptations of sleep.The task involved housemates staying awake for three days, with only a limited amount of nap time...

By on 26 June 2007

Big Bro Housemates Dropping Off

While many viewers may find the prospect of watching Big Brother sleep-inducing, the show's contestants have been ordered to do the exact opposite and stay awake for the next two days.On Sunday evening the housemates...

By on 25 June 2007

Charley And Brian Sent Packing

Charley and Brian have been told to pack their belongings because they are leaving the Big Brother house, albeit just to go on holiday.This was the prize the two housemates won after claiming victory in...

By on 25 June 2007

Seany Shown The Door

Seany became the second person to be evicted from this year's Big Brother last night.The fun-loving charity worker received 44.5 per cent of the public vote against millionaire Jonathan and political activist Carole during the...

By on 23 June 2007

Australian Big Brother Makers Apologise To Mexico

Producers of reality TV show BIG BROTHER in Australia have issued an apology to the Mexican government for allowing contestants to deface the country's flag. Last week (ends15Jun07), viewers saw the show's participants throwing goo-filled...

Chanelle Dumped, Probably

Big Brother's big romance came to an earth-shattering end yesterday evening as Ziggy finally dumped Chanelle  before embarking on a prolonged kissing session later on.The pair have been on the rocks for a while,...

By on 22 June 2007

Jade Goody In Miscarriage Agony

BIG BROTHER star JADE GOODY is "devastated" after suffering a miscarriage, reports claim.The 26-year-old mother of two was just under 12 weeks pregnant when she lost the baby and has been left in a state...

By on 22 June 2007

Bookmakers Pay Out On Bb8 Sex Bets

Bookies have paid out on BIG BROTHER couple ZIGGY and CHANELLE having sex in the house, after the pair had a steamy session under the covers.Chanelle, 19, was seen spending the night topless in bed...

By on 21 June 2007

Russell Brand Wins Damages Over Rape Claims

Comedian Russell Brand has been awarded substantial damages after a tabloid newspaper linked him to the alleged rape of a girl at his flat.The Daily Star newspaper had reported claims that a 20-year-old girl had...

By on 21 June 2007

Bb's Liam Scoops £100,000

New Big Brother housemate Liam has scooped £100,000 after the three contestants nominated for eviction in this week's show were forced to decide which member of the reality TV house should receive the cash prize.After...

By on 21 June 2007

Bb's Liam Scoops £100,000

New Big Brother housemate Liam has scooped £100,000 after the three contestants nominated for eviction in this week's show were forced to decide which member of the reality TV house should receive the cash prize.After...

Special Bb Shows To Be Shown

Two special live shows of Big Brother will be broadcast tonight on Channel 4 at 20:00 BST and 21:30 BST.Hosted by Davina McCall, the shows are currently shrouded in secrecy and all Channel 4 has...

By on 20 June 2007

Chanelle 'Felt Like Fat Whale'

Big Brother contestant Chanelle was not a happy camper during the housemates' weekly task after saying she was made to feel like "a fat whale". The housemates have been told by Big Brother that in...

By on 19 June 2007

Charley's Rage Over Wet Boots

Big Brother contestant Charley could not hide her displeasure after she came to the conclusion she had been on the wrong end of a prank.The talkative housemate discovered that her expensive fluffy boots were a...

By on 18 June 2007

Truth Or Dare Spices Up Big Brother

Big Brother housemates enjoyed a naughty game of Truth or Dare as contestants kissed each other in a range of curious places.Few of the participants in the game took the game as an opportunity to...

By on 18 June 2007

Hot Heads In Big Brother House

Only in the Big Brother house could control of the hair straighteners be considered a major strategic asset.They have previously been a source of major friction between the females of the house, with Chanelle in...

By on 17 June 2007

Shabnam Out, More Boys In

Shabnam became the first contestant to be evicted from this year's Big Brother house last night.The loudmouthed 22-year-old received an enormous 81.9 per cent of the vote, despite having both Carole and Tracey for competition.Her...

By on 16 June 2007

Bb's Nicky Quits Cigarettes

Big Brother's Nicky has given up cigarettes as tension builds among the other housemates about the first public eviction scheduled for tonight.Perhaps Nicky, who is not nominated for the boot, wants to find common ground...

By on 15 June 2007

Bb House To Get Four More Men

Four more men are getting ready to enter the BIG BROTHER house tonight, while SHABNAM is tipped as the most likely to leave. Faced with falling viewer figures, Channel 4 bosses have had to roll...

By on 15 June 2007

Shabnam Favourite For Eviction

Shabnam has emerged as the bookies' favourite to be evicted from the Big Brother house on Friday in the first eviction of the latest series.The self-declared make-up fan is up against Carole and Tracey in...

By on 14 June 2007

Disney Links Up With Bollywood

WALT DISNEY studios is to team up with a Bollywood film company to make an animated movie based on the Indian cult industry.Disney is hoping the original animations, which will be filmed in Hindi, will...

By on 12 June 2007

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