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A Pizza Liam's Mind

Big Brother's housemates have shown they are just as capable of arguing over lots of food as they are over not much at all.Having successfully beaten Big Brother in a quiz task which revealed Brian's...

By on 19 August 2007

Gerry Falls On Bb Sword

Big Brother's Gerry volunteered to leave the house in last night's eviction after he and Carole received the most votes to go.The learned Greek, by turns intellectual and flamboyant during his time in the house,...

By on 18 August 2007

Bb Chanelle 'Snubbed By Posh'

Big Brother contestant Chanelle failed in her bid to meet her idol Victoria Beckham during her trip to LA.The Posh look-a-like went to an LA Galaxy game in an effort to meet the Spice Girls...

By on 17 August 2007

Ratings Confusion

All three episodes of CBS's Big Brother made Nielsen's top-ten ratings list among 18-49-year-olds last week, but not one of them ended up in the overall household category. Indeed, while CBS dominated among overall viewers,...

West's Song Of Praise For Jay-z

Hip-hop star KANYE WEST fears fans will misinterpret his new track BIG BROTHER as an attack on fellow rapper SHAWN 'JAY-Z' CARTER. West says the music mogul inspired his upcoming single and admits he accuses...

Chanelle Hits La In Search Of Celebrity

Stunning Wag wannabe CHANELLE HAYES has arrived in LA, albeit to a quieter reception than her idol VICTORIA BECKHAM.The ex-BIG BROTHER housemate flew to the States in a bid to pursue her celebrity career -...

By on 15 August 2007

Gurus To Decide Who Goes

Big Brother housemates Ziggy, Amanda, Sam and Tracey will decide who is evicted from the house this week.In a shock twist to the eviction schedule, those who have been ordained as 'gurus' from this week's...

By on 15 August 2007

Food Debate Sparks Feud In Bb House

Food is causing tension and arguments in the Big Brother house, particularly among Carole and the male housemates.Carole has installed herself as the dominant contestant when it comes to food and put Gerry firmly in...

By on 14 August 2007

Housemates Mince No Words In Honesty Task

After 76 days of getting to know each other, Big Brother asked the housemates to reveal what they most disliked about one other contestant.The housemates were asked to form a circle before starting the 'honesty'...

By on 14 August 2007

'Guru Ziggy' Immune From Public Vote

Big Brother contestant Ziggy has been given immunity ahead of this week's public vote after being ordained a 'guru'.Last night Ziggy was deemed to be the guru of the task which focused on self-improvement of...

By on 13 August 2007

Bb Bosses To Boot Out Four?

BIG BROTHER bosses are planning a massive cull of housemates in the run up to the end of the series.Ailing viewing figures have meant bosses at the reality TV show have constantly tried to come...

By on 13 August 2007

Liam, Bb's Human Thesaurus

Big Brother's housemates enjoyed a cider-dominated reward after demonstrating their startling grasp of the English language.The ten remaining housemates were asked to turn the thesaurus part of their brain into full gear for the task,...

By on 12 August 2007

Liam Relieved By Amy Exit

Amy was evicted from the Big Brother house last night after receiving 58 per cent of the public's vote.It was clear from the boos of the crowd beforehand who would have justified packing their bags...

By on 11 August 2007

Halfway Housemates Shown Nominations Tape

Big Brother has sown strife among the halfway housemates by showing them nomination tapes which showed what they really thought of each other.Amy, Jonty and Kara-Louise were taken back into time to view this week's...

By on 08 August 2007

Back To The Future For Big Brother Housemates

In order to avoid basic rations this week Big Brother housemates will have to succeed where countless mad professors have failed by travelling through time.A luxury food budget is up for grabs if the 11...

By on 06 August 2007

'Halfwayers' Get Bb Boot

Two of the newest additions to the Big Brother house have been sent packing after just a week on the Channel 4 reality TV show.David and Shanessa, who originally came in via the 'halfway' house,...

By on 04 August 2007

Liam And Amy's Romance Blossoms

Big Brother contestants Liam and Amy have continued their flirting in the house culminating in a bedtime snog yesterday evening.The pair have been flirting for the majority of the week and Liam has been fairly...

By on 03 August 2007

Chanelle To Launch Music Career

Former Big Brother housemate Chanelle, who walked away from the house, is planning to launch a music career.The Victoria Beckham look-alike, who is now sporting a new haircut, became the third contestant to voluntarily leave...

By on 03 August 2007

Halfway Housemates Suffer In New Task

Big Brother made the 'halfway housemates' cringe with the announcement of their latest task.David, Kara-Louise, Shanessa and Tracey were told that they would have to eat a dish, specially prepared for them, in the diary...

By on 03 August 2007

Halfway Housemates To Face Eviction

Big Brother's 'halfway house' contestants, including original housemate Tracey, will face eviction this Friday.New housemates David, Kara-Louise, Shanessa and self-confessed raver Tracey will all face the public vote.Big Brother tasked Ziggy with revealing the latest...

By on 02 August 2007

Bb's House Swap

It was all change again in the Big Brother house last night, with the four members of the halfway house told that they were all to become official housemates.But Amy, Jonty and long-term contestants Liam...

By on 02 August 2007

Channel 4 Drops Telephone Competitions

Channel 4 has decided to drop all premium rate telephone competitions after viewers were overcharged in the You Say We Pay scandal.All programmes will be affected except for Deal or No Deal, where the share...

By on 01 August 2007

Ziggy Out Of House And Pining For Chanelle

Ziggy spent his first day in Big Brother's halfway house pining for his departed love today.The 26-year-old Londoner nominated himself to leave the main house and join Jonty, Amy and Shanessa, with Kara-Louise and David...

By on 31 July 2007

Chanelle Walks From Big Brother

Chanelle has become the latest Big Brother contestant to leave the house after she was dumped by Ziggy again last night.The 19-year-old Victoria Beckham wannabe made her decision after telling Big Brother she felt upset...

By on 30 July 2007

Housemates Pass Bodily Noises Task

Big Brother housemates have been given a curious gift of personalised toilet paper after passing a bodily noises task.Each housemate was called into the diary room and asked to try and guess what two mysterious...

By on 27 July 2007

Extended Eviction Show For New Housemates

This Friday's Big Brother live eviction will be extended to facilitate six new housemates set to enter the house.As Charley and Tracey begin to get nervous ahead of their eviction night, the other housemates are...

By on 26 July 2007

Big Brother To Shake It Up

Big Brother will shake up the contest this Friday by adding six new housemates after the live eviction.In an announcement made on Big Brother's official website, it emerged that a mix of men and women...

By on 25 July 2007

Charley Faces The Boot

Charley and Tracey face the boot from the Big Brother house in Friday's live eviction show.Both housemates haven't been short of a few words during their stay in the house and it seems likely neither...

By on 25 July 2007

Bb Launches Own Tv Channel

Big Brother housemates have been tasked with creating their own in-house television channel in order to avoid basic food rations.To win a luxury food budget the ten remaining contestants on the Channel 4 reality show...

By on 24 July 2007

What Is The Meaning Of Big Brother?

Contestants on this year's Big Brother have won their latest task after being asked a series of philosophical questions.Despite not being among the most rational thinkers the country has to offer, the housemates won a...

By on 22 July 2007

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