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Rex-mohamed Divide Deepens Over Cider Row

Relations between two of Big Brother's biggest personalities have taken another step backwards, with a row over cider the latest incident to upset Rex and Mohamed.In an eerie parallel to superpower Russia's military actions in...

By on 14 August 2008

Stuart And Rachel Face Big Brother Chop

Big Brother's housemates have nominated Stuart and Rachel to be the pair facing the public vote this Friday.The fifth round of eviction nominations in the ninth series of Big Brother narrowly saw Rex's girlfriend Nicole...

By on 12 August 2008

Competition Hots Up As Bb Divide Falls

Warnings of gamesmanship are as rife as ever in the Big Brother house.The biggest claim of the day came from Lisa, who said she believed the "game players" were likely to come to the fore...

By on 12 August 2008

Hell Housemates Win Cake Task

The housemates from the hell section of the Big Brother house have won a baking task and Mikey has been named the new head of house.The task involved housemates from the heaven and hell parts...

By on 11 August 2008

Dale Evicted From Big Brother House

Dale Howard has become the eighth contestant to be evicted from the Big Brother house.Up against Stuart Pilkington last night, he received 63 per cent of the public's vote and was forced to leave the...

By on 09 August 2008

Tension Increasing Between Bb9 Rex And Nicole

Being reunited in the Big Brother 9 house is proving difficult for contestants Rex and Nicole.Nicole only entered the house on Friday August 1st, some 58 days into the show, and Rex has already quizzed...

By on 07 August 2008

Big Brother 9 Rex Worried About Break From Nicole

Big Brother 9 contestant Rex Newmark has let his insecurities show by quizzing girlfriend Nicole about her time outside the house.Nicole, a 19-year-old student from Surrey, only entered the house on Friday August 1st, some...

By on 07 August 2008

Big Brother 9 Contestants Dale And Stuart To Face Eviction

Dale Howard and Stuart Pilkington are facing eviction from the Big Brother house after the eighth round of nominations.Dale received three votes while four of Stuart's fellow housemates earmarked him to leave.Darnell Swallow was not...

By on 06 August 2008

Bb9 Rachel Risks Punishment By Washing Dishes

Rachel Rice has risked a Big Brother backlash by breaking house rules while installed as 'Head of House'.Despite holding the position of control on the Channel 4 reality show, the Welsh contestant has continued to...

By on 06 August 2008

Letters Spark Tears In Bb House

Heavenly house head Rachel gave up her chance to receive a letter from her family and friends in order to give her other housemates their own letters, while Darnell was left embarrassed over a comment...

By on 05 August 2008

Big Brother: Nicole's First Day From Hell

Newest Big Brother housemate Nicole has endured a hellish first day on the reality TV show.Just hours into her Big Brother 9 career the student has failed a task; lost her clothes; been separated from...

By on 04 August 2008

Big Brother: Luke Out, Rex's Girlfriend In

Luke Marsden has become the latest contestant to be kicked out of the Big Brother house after Friday's eviction show.But as the politics student was leaving the house grumbling about his eviction he was almost...

By on 02 August 2008

Bb9 Rex Still Upsetting Fellow Housemates

Big Brother 9 housemate Rex Newmark appears determined to upset his fellow housemates after spending the shopping budget on special tokens.The 24-year-old chef - who faces nomination with eight other contestants this week - had...

By on 02 August 2008

Bb9 Shopping Task Failure After Rex's Girlfriend Missed

Lisa Appleton and Luke Marsden were responsible for failing a Big Brother 9 task after incorrectly identifying Rex Newmark's girlfriend in a lineup.Housemates were divided into cops and robbers in the new task, with Lisa...

By on 01 August 2008

Live On Tv! An Earthquake!

Several television programs were being taped or were being broadcast live Tuesday when a 5.4 magnitude earthquake hit Southern California. Clips from many of those shows wound up on YouTube, and cameras in CBS's Big...

Maysoon Walks Out Of Big Brother House

Maysoon has walked out of the Big Brother house claiming she was never "100 per cent comfortable" on the show.She only entered the house four weeks ago but claimed she wouldn't change anything about her...

By on 31 July 2008

Dale Undertakes Secret Bb Mission

The Big Brother housemates-turned-coppers have been attempting to find out who stole the token from heaven in an attempt to win this week's shopping task.On Wednesday Dale was given the secret mission to steal the...

By on 31 July 2008

Bb9 Rex Continues To Weigh In On Audition Tapes

Big Brother 9 contestant Rex Newmark has continued to be forthright about his fellow housemates' audition tapes.After he and the other three contestants on the 'Heaven' side of the house - Stuart Pilkington, Mikey Hughes...

By on 30 July 2008

Nine Bb9 Housemates Up For Eviction After Rule Breaks

Nine of the contestants on Big Brother 9 are facing eviction after several broke rules discussing nominations.Dale Howard and Luke Marsden will face the public vote on Friday having been nominated by their fellow housemates.But...

By on 29 July 2008

Bb9 Luke Complains Of Boredom And Missing Rebecca

Big Brother 9 housemate Luke Marsden has complained of his boredom in the house since the eviction of Rebecca Shiner.The pair became close during their time on the Channel 4 reality show, kissing on several...

By on 29 July 2008

Bb9 Rex Lays Into Rachel After Audition Tapes Revealed

Big Brother 9 contestant Rex Newmark has called fellow competitor Rachel Rice "the most boring housemate ever".After the four housemates on the 'Heaven' side - Rex, Head of House Stuart Pilkington, Mikey Hughes and Mohamed...

By on 29 July 2008

Bb9 Stuart Named Head Of House After Chilli Challenge

Stuart Pilkington has been named Head of House on Big Brother after winning a chilli-eating challenge.The task - to determine which housemate will become Head of House and who will live in 'Heaven' and 'Hell'...

By on 28 July 2008

Evicted Bb9 Contestant Rebecca: I Really Care For Luke

Former Big Brother 9 housemate Rebecca Shiner has admitted she has real feelings for fellow contestant Luke Marsden.The nursery nurse, 21, was evicted on Friday night after taking 65 per cent of the vote, leaving...

By on 27 July 2008

Rebecca Evicted From Big Brother

Rebecca Shiner has become the sixth housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother 9 house.The 21-year-old screamed "oh my God" as her name was read out by the show's host Davina McCall on the...

By on 26 July 2008

Bb9 Luke Upset After Rebecca Kisses Mohamed

Big Brother 9 contestant Luke Marsden has revealed his disappointment after Rebecca Shiner kissed a fellow housemate for a dare.The 21-year-old student and Rebecca have become close after 50 days in the house to the...

By on 26 July 2008

Big Brother 9 Contestant Luke Explains Rebecca Kisses

Big Brother 9 housemate Luke Marsden has attempted to reason why he and Rebecca Shiner have grown so close on the show.The pair have grown increasingly close in recent weeks, to the extent that Luke's...

By on 25 July 2008

Bb9 Luke Reacts Well To Rebecca's Nomination

Big Brother 9 contestant Luke Marsden has reacted pragmatically to the announcement that Rebecca Shiner is up for eviction.The pair have grown increasingly close in recent weeks, to the extent that Luke's girlfriend prior to...

By on 24 July 2008

Bb9 Dale Says Darnell Has 'Good Reason' To Be Nominated

Big Brother 9 contestant Dale Howard has said Darnell Swallow deserves to be up for eviction.Dale named Darnell as one of his choices to face the public vote, adding: "He's my best mate in the...

By on 23 July 2008

Darnell, Mohamed And Rebecca Face Big Brother 9 Exit

Big Brother 9 contestants Darnell Swallow, Mohamed Mohamed and Rebecca Shiner are to face the public vote this week.Darnell received six nominations while Mohamed and Rebecca each received five.Dale Howard, as Head of House, was...

By on 22 July 2008

Big Brother House Set For Time Challenges

As part of this week's task the Big Brother contestants are to face five separate challenges based on time.The housemates must pass three or more of the challenges to receive a 'luxury' food budget of...

By on 22 July 2008

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