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Karly And Noirin To Face Vote

Karly and Noirin will join Sophie and Siavash in the public vote this Friday (17.07.09).The Scottish blonde and the Irish beauty have been put up for nomination by their fellow housemates as the divide between...

Siavash's Dream Housemate

Siavash thinks Big Brother should bring in three new housemates.The Iranian-born party planner believes bosses will need to add three new contestants to the house if there are to be six housemates left in the...

Sophie And Siavash Face Eviction

Sophie and Siavash face eviction from 'Big Brother'.The blonde glamour model, aka Dogface, and the Iranian-born events organiser both face the public vote this week after Big Brother warned them to curb their incessant swearing...

Cool Marcus

Marcus claims he never gets nervous.The Wolverine lookalike was asked during a chat with Big Brother how he was feeling since Kris' eviction and while he said there was a "nervous" atmosphere in the house...

Charlie's Housemates Theory

Charlie thinks Big Brother is going to send in more housemates.The former Mr. Gay UK contestant told Noirin he thought producers want to bring in more people to mix things up but predicted they would...

Uncool Noirin

Noirin doesn't want to be part of the 'Big Brother' "cool gang".The Irish beauty says she feels left out of the group formed by Sophie, Charlie, Karly and Lisa and would rather spend time with...

Noirin's Interesting House

Noirin says she's pleased Kris has been evicted.The Irish 'Big Brother' beauty told Marcus and Freddie (Halfwit) she thought the departure of the curly-haired hunk was a good thing for the house as it's made...

Marcus And Noirin Disagree

Marcus has infuriated Noirin by claiming she rarely says what she thinks.The long-haired carpenter - who is up for eviction this week alongside Freddie, Sophie, Kris and Charlie - refused to take back his comments...

Sophie's Kris Hopes

Sophie wants her relationship with Kris to last outside 'Big Brother'.The blonde beauty has revealed she would love to date the 24-year-old curly-haired hunk when they leave the show because they have become emotionally "involved".She...

Noirin's Freddie Talks Fail

Noirin tired to clear up her differences with Freddie, but the pair ended up arguing more.The Irish 'Big Brother' beauty - who had a blazing row with Siavash earlier this week, which resulted in her...

Big Brother House Divided

Siavash is refusing to apologise to Noirin. The Iranian housemate is sticking to his original story in the argument which has divided the 'Big Brother' house. Last night (08.07.09) the housemates fell out after Siavash...

'Circus' Task Failed

The 'Big Brother' housemates failed their 'circus' task. The final part of the circus tasks took place yesterday with strongmen and strong woman Marcus, Siavash and Noirin pulling a four ton truck 25 metres. When...

Ex-housemates Return To 'Big Brother'?

Former 'Big Brother' star Nikki Grahame is set to return to the reality TV show.The tantrum-prone blonde, who appeared in 'Big Brother 7' in 2006, will reportedly be put back into the house on Sunday...

Tightrope Winners Kris And Karly

Kris and Karly have passed their tightrope walking task.The curly-haired hunk and the Scottish glamour model had to complete the challenge as part of the 'Big Brother' circus task, and the pressure was on as...

Noirin's Thousand Pound Nude Bet

Siavash has bet £1,000 that Noirin will pose nude when she leaves the 'Big Brother' house. The Iranian 'Big Brother' housemate made the bet with Marcus last night (07.07.09) that within a month of leaving...

Housemates Told Of Nominations

The 'Big Brother' housemates were told five people are up for eviction last night (08.07.09)Charlie, Kris and Sophie (Dogface) already knew they will face the public vote for breaking rules by discussing nominations, but the...

'Big Brother' Housemates Join The Circus

The 'Big Brother' house has been given a circus themed task.The contestants gathered around in the kitchen earlier today (07.07.09) as Sophie (Dogface) read out instructions for the 'Big Brother Vaudeville Circus' - which is...

Sophie's Mother Disapproves Of Kris

Sophie's mother doesn't like her 'Big Brother' boyfriend, Kris. The lovebird's mum says has warned she is less than impressed with her daughter's budding romance on the show, and said Kris won't be welcome at...

Kris, Charlie And Sophie Up For Eviction

Big Brother has put Charlie, Kris and Sophie up for eviction.The trio are facing the public vote this Friday (10.07.09) as a punishment for discussing nominations.After Charlie went to the Diary Room to nominate yesterday...

Sophie To Cut Hair Short?

Sophie is aiming for a "Rihanna look".The 'Big Brother' housemate has decided she will try a new short-haired appearance to match the sexy Barbadian pop star, after her hair extensions started to come out. After...

Sophie Skates To Victory

Kris, Sophie and Freddie won the roller skating task.The 'Big Brother' trio were delighted they had triumphed and won a party in the Diary Room after yesterday's (05.07.09) task, with Kris claiming it was his...

Rodrigo's Fight Worry

Rodrigo worried an argument with Charlie would "ruin" his life.The pair clashed when Charlie revealed that the Brazilian student had joined him and Kris in stealing some of the group's alcohol supply and suggested he...

Lisa Shocked About Eviction

Lisa is "surprised" Sree was evicted.The unemployed lesbian had struck up a friendship with the Indian student - who lost out in the public vote against Freddie last night (03.07.09) - and is sorry he...

Sree Speaks About Marcus

Sree says Marcus is "aggressive".The Indian student - who was evicted from the 'Big Brother' house last night (03.07.09) - claimed he only argued with the long-haired carpenter because they are from such different walks...

Sree Evicted

Sree has been evicted from the 'Big Brother' house.The Indian student lost out to posh Freddie - who had been nominated for the fourth week in a row - after polling 85 per cent of...

Marcus Vs Sree Round Two

Marcus and Sree had a blazing row while the housemates sunbathed.The long-haired carpenter and the Indian student had to be separated by Big Brother for a second time when they clashed. The pair initially argued...

Lisa And Freddie Friends

Lisa and Freddie have made up. Following a blazing argument on Wednesday (01.07.09) between the two 'Big Brother' housemates - which concluded with Lisa saying she wasn't going to speak to Freddie (Halfwit) ever again...

Marcus And Sree Bicker

Marcus and Sree were warned by Big Brother following an argument about the house's shopping list.The bearded carpenter was compiling the group's food requests with Charlie while the Indian student looked on yesterday (02.07.09). Following...

Sree's Chat Up Lines Working?

Charlie thinks Sree's chat up lines are working on Noirin. The gay ‘Big Brother' housemate joked with the Irish beauty that Sree's constant cheesy lines were starting to rub off on her, as they sunbathed...

Noirin Feels Used

Noirin thinks Sree is using her as part of his 'gameplan'.The 'Big Brother' housemates all argued last night (01.07.09) and this morning Noirin and Marcus still harboured hard feelings toward Indian student Sree. In reply...

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