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Marcus Receives Fan Mail

Marcus has been given his fan mail. After and voicing grave concern about how his publicity shot for 'Big Brother' looked earlier this week, Marcus was given a bag of 'fan mail' and an hour...

Rodrigo Told Of Queen Imposter

Rodrigo was told he didn't meet the real Queen of England last night.Big Brother revealed the Brazilian housemate hadn't actually met Her Royal Highness, and it was an impersonator posing as Queen Elizabeth II for...

Rodrigo Meets The Queen

Rodrigo met the Queen last night. The bisexual Brazilian student was greeted by a lookalike of the HRH Queen Elizabeth II of England as part of the latest 'Big Brother' shopping task last night (12.08.09)....

Sophie Sees Naked Siavash Shower

Sophie saw Siavash naked today (12.08.09).The busty glamour model accidentally walked in on the Iranian clothes horse as he was having a shower.Despite her protestations it was a mistake, Siavash told the other 'Big Brother'...

Freddie Sparks Smoke-gate

Freddie has quit smoking.The Oxford University graduate - who has smoked throughout his time in the 'Big Brother' house - has announced he is giving up the habit, much to the anger of his fellow...

Marcus' Eviction Delight

Freddie and Marcus are up for eviction.The posh Oxford University graduate and the hairy carpenter will both face the public vote it was confirmed last night (11.08.09), with Marcus happy to be facing the boot...

Bea Confides In Lisa

Bea has turned to her former nemesis, Lisa, for comfort. The self-styled bohemian 'Big Brother' housemate has fallen out with the housemates she was closest to, Marcus and Freddie (Halfwit), and turned to chain-smoking lesbian...

Housemates Given UK Task

The 'Big Brother' housemates have been given a UK themed task. Big Brother announced housemates will be bog snorkeling, bagpipe playing, learning how to bet on horseracing and polishing up their etiquette skills for their...

Siavash Nominates After All

Siavash abandoned his plan to stop all the 'Big Brother' housemates voting for eviction.The bearded Iranian had previously vowed never to nominate his housemates again - resulting in them all being punished - and wanted...

Housemates Allowed To Discuss Nominations

The 'Big Brother' housemates have been told they can discuss nominations. The reality show's contestants were gathered in the living room earlier this afternoon (10.08.09) and told they are now aloud to discuss nominations "past,...

Bea And Freddie Fall Out

Bea and Freddie had a huge argument last night. The forlorn oxford graduate - who made no secret of his feelings for free lover Bea in the first weeks she was in the 'Big Brother'...

Housemate's Food Confiscated

Big Brother has confiscated all of the housemates' food. After Marcus, Siavash and Freddie's jailbreak yesterday (09.08.09), the house has had the luxury edibles won in last week's task taken away. It had already been...

Troublesome Trio Jailed

Marcus, Siavash and Freddie were jailed by 'Big Brother' but promptly escaped. The three housemates were punished for taking their duvets into the Diary Room and pretending to fall asleep. Talking about how they had...

Bea Comforts Charlie And Sophie

Bea has been comforting Charlie and Sophie over their arguments. The self-styled Bohemian 'Big Brother' housemate helped the glamour model and the former Mr Gay UK contestant feel better following last night's (08.08.09) fall outs...

Charlie 'Loves' Rodrigo

Charlie told Rodrigo he loves him. The former Mr Gay UK contestant has been increasingly flirting with his bisexual 'Big Brother' housemate, sharing his bed and letting him give him a foot rub.After drinking alcohol,...

Housemates Pass 'Spinning Tops' Challenge

The 'Big Brother' housemates passed a 'human spinning tops' challenge yesterday (08.08.09) Bea collected the task from the Diary Room and therefore became referee. Of the remaining eight housemates, four – Sophie (Dogface), David, Charlie...

Housemates Shocked By Hira Eviction

The 'Big Brother' house was shocked into silence when Hira was evicted last night (07.08.09).As show host Davina McCall read through the list of people who would be staying in the house, the contestants started...

Evicted Hira ''Devastated''

Hira was "devastated" when she was evicted from 'Big Brother' last night (07.08.09).The bubbly fashion designer cried throughout her interview with show host Davina McCall, repeatedly claiming that everyone "hates" her.She said: "Everyone hates me....

Hira Is Evicted

Hira became the ninth housemate to be evicted from 'Big Brother' last night (07.08.09).The fashion designer burst into tears when show host Davina McCall announced she would be leaving the house after just three weeks.After...

Lisa And Bea Talk Sex

Lisa has slept with nearly 60 women. The Lesbian 'Big Brother' housemate told Bea - who she has made friends with since they had a huge argument earlier in the week - that she has...

Siavash, Bea And Freddie Blast Noirin

Siavash, Bea and Freddie think bringing Noirin back to the house would be worse than getting evicted. Speaking about tonight's (07.80.09) eviction, the 'Big Brother' trio decided the return of their Irish housemate - who...

Chanelle Hayes Overdoses

Chanelle Hayes has been hospitalised after taking an overdose of painkillers and red wine.The former 'Big Brother' contestant was taken to Pinderfields Hospital in Yorkshire, after downing red wine and Paracetamol "out of frustration" following...

Sophie Laughs At Freddie's Manhood

Sophie laughed at Freddie's penis last night (06.08.09). The busty 'Big Brother' glamour model jokingly pulled Freddie's pants down twice last night and remarked he had "a semi" before collapsing in a fit of laughter...

Bea Wants Marcus Move

Bea has asked Marcus if she can move in with him.The self-styled bohemian stunned her housemate by asking if she can rent his spare room when they leave the Big Brother house - but the...

Marcus Discusses Colonic Cleanse

Marcus wants to have colonic irrigation.The hairy window fitter decided during a conversation with his 'Big Brother' housemate Siavash that he would like to try the bowel cleaning method - which cleanses the colon and...

Lisa Makes A Pig's Eye Of It

Lisa ate a pig's eyeball as part of the latest 'Big Brother' task.The outspoken lesbian had to eat a tart containing the unusual ingredient for her role as a Playing Card in the house's 'Alice...

Tea Taster Sophie

Sophie has completed her tea tasting task The busty glamour model - who is posing as the Mad Hatter from 'Alice In Wonderland' for this week's 'Big Brother' shopping task - guessed at three flavours...

Lisa Snubs Freddie

Lisa has vowed never to talk to Freddie again.The outspoken lesbian 'Big Brother' housemate has decided to ignore Freddie (Halfwit) since they fell out last night (04.08.09) when it was revealed the whole house will...

All Housemates Up For Eviction

All of the 'Big Brother' contestants are up for eviction this week. The ten housemates have been put up for the boot on Friday (08.08.09) as punishment for Siavash's refusing to vote and Marcus telling...

Housemates In Wonderland

The 'Big Brother' housemates have become characters from 'Alice in Wonderland' for this week's shopping task.Each of the ten contestants has a part from Lewis Carroll's offbeat fairy tale, and must stay in character over...

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Trumbo - Review

Trumbo - Review

In 1947, Dalton (Bryan Cranston) is the film industry's top-paid screenwriter, so of course the House Un-American Activities Commission goes after...

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Was A New Kind Of Costume Drama For Lily James

Pride And Prejudice And Zombies Was A New Kind Of Costume Drama For Lily James

Seth Grahame-Smith's Pride and Prejudice and Zombies graphic novel has been made into a film.

Sir Elton John Surprises London Commuters With Early Morning St. Pancras Performance

Sir Elton John Surprises London Commuters With Early Morning St. Pancras Performance

Sir Elton's new album, 'Wonderful Crazy Night', came out the next day.

Coldplay And Beyonce's 'Hymn For The Weekend' Video Accused Of Cultural Insensitivity

Coldplay And Beyonce's 'Hymn For The Weekend' Video Accused Of Cultural Insensitivity

The video for 'Hymn For the Weekend' was filmed in Mumbai, India.

'Orange Is The New Black' Adds Three Years To Its Netflix Sentence

'Orange Is The New Black' Adds Three Years To Its Netflix Sentence

Three more seasons to go for this adored comedy.

Matt LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc "Couldn't Believe" The Response To His 'Top Gear' Appointment

LeBlanc was announced as one of Chris Evans' co-hosts on the brand new 'Top Gear' on Thursday.

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Come Find Yourself (20th Anniversary Edition) Album Review

Fun Lovin' Criminals - Come Find Yourself (20th Anniversary Edition) Album Review

New York trio Fun Lovin' Criminals first made an impact back in 1996 with the release of their since acclaimed debut LP Come Find Yourself.

Goosebumps - Review

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This lively romp is entertaining enough to amuse the audience even when it veers off the rails.

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